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  1. Great work @KyleK29 ! I'm setting up right now all the HKeys! just wanted to ask, could you share your layout default config? and that "Stock Calculator" program to have a look? I know it's in BETA, but i'm really interested in it to test. ( and please let me know anyhow when that stock calculator is finished! ) also, Do you use 4K screen? your layout looks ideal! what monitor you have? Thanks Again! and keep it up!
  2. Hi JD! That's a Great journal! I'm making like that right now! Just I have problem understanding, how to update 'Summary Sheet' ? How to add New Day? You copy paste existing colapsable day (+ on left) ? And when you add new day, does all cells update automatically? Or inside HLOOKUP formulas you need to change 'sheet name' example: 04.26? And there is a table in first page (highlighted in screenshot) how does that help you? is it copy from DAS Trader? Thanks! Paul
  3. Hi Justin! Thanks for all info! will give it a try! Could I ask you or @fab could you somehow send export sample file from DAS Trader Pro that is being fed to this tool? I would just like to have a look and prepare the system for journaling, as i'm just starting now, and going through lessons, I don't have yet access to DAS. Even one trade example. Thanks A lot guys! didn't expected so quick responds!
  4. Sorry for late reply, was travelling to Italy from UK by car, long trip. I would say Daily trade history. Weekly, Monthly, Yearly statistics. And Trade print screens with Daily trade history. Basicaly what I'm trying to do now is to create Journal with Notion. So I would view and review trades even on the go in mobile app (if will succeed will share with everyone). And Notion has option to import from .csv . Now I'm still in learning mode of trading, I just started I had DAS Trader for 14-days trial to get familiarised, but I can't download other trial and forgot to do test export of .csv and to see what you can export from DAS directly. Maybe any of you guys could send few trade example exports from DAS? just to see what it already exports? Your system of journaling @fab is fab! I would like to have exact one in Notion as part of all daily notes. I saw in download section samples of exel macro journaling, but to be honest it's complex to understand what is where and where to put what, and there is no video of andrew explaining how to do journaling (but he says it's very important in his book).
  5. Hi Fab, what a great tool you have created! One question or request? Is it possible to export as .csv file?
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