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  1. Great post, Ryan, thank you. I am not in good shape here, but no other choice at the moment. At least I am aware of it and do trade according to the limitations. I monitor my latency in DAS, just one more thing to keep an eye on for whom has a poor ISP. My ping varies around 150, but I have seen it all the way to 900 ms. Download= 18 Mbps, Upload= 2.30 Mbps. I am trying to get into positions using limit orders that I establish before the expected move happens, a lot of times it’s not possible so I just go in by my hotkey and risk losing some of the move, the risk/reward is always better when I do get-in in time with limit orders though.
  2. I plan to transfer a fixed amount of profits every time it is reached.
  3. Mario M

    CNET!?!? @ $7

    You guys are awesome, always making my day happier!! I also missed that move. I am noticing it is a good practice to stay focused on the ticker that is in play and you already expended some trading time with it, regardless if it was a win or a loss. https://imgur.com/a/44Ozo
  4. Guys, thank you very much for the in-depth info, it really helped! And it is good to see that there isn’t anyone here playing around lol. Ryan, I will use your specs to guide me in acquiring the equipment, either off-the-shelf or through a custom builder. Actually, I am going to NY in a couple of months, maybe we can work something out. It would demand a lot more time for me to try to build it myself, and I want to focus as much time as possible to trading. In the meantime, I will be using what I already got, which is an iMac 27” that I dedicated to run DAS in Bootcamp, and a MacBook Pro 13” that I use for everything else, including the live chat. https://imgur.com/a/rV4j9
  5. Very nice setups guys, thanks for sharing. I don’t have the skills nor knowledge to build a computer, and even though I am just starting in my mission to make a living from trading, I would like to know if anyone has any experience with trading computer builders as Falcon Trading Systems or such, to recommend. Thanks.
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