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  1. That would be awesome! My number is 858-692-3322. @Andrea Finizio @Marek Liyanage, are you guys still interested in meeting up?
  2. Sounds good! I think it's a good idea to try and connect via texts too. I'll text you my number. Weekday evenings are usually fine for me with a little notice.
  3. Hey, San Diego people. So a bunch more restaurants have opened up. Are you guys still interested in meeting up?
  4. I think Rock Bottom closed permanently. I'd be good with Puesto. O'Brien's Pub in Clairemont is kind of in the middle too and has outdoor seating. What time works for everyone? I have a day job so either happy hours or weekends are better for me.
  5. Hey! I think I saw that the areas people lived in were Del Mar, Hillcrest, Linda Vista and Bonita. So probably somewhere from Hillcrest up to La Jolla would be most central. I'll start doing some research to see what is open.
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