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  1. Hi tardi44, I use 5 sec chart to ensure that there is "order flow", that sometimes you miss on 1 min. For example if there is one large order vs many small orders. For momentum trading you are interested in many small orders. On top of that I use it as additional confirmation for entry. On 5 sec chart you can really nicely see micro-breakouts/micro-breakdowns. Just before it breaks, you can get a little better entry. Patterns (other than this micro-breakout) are not really reliable on this time-frame. I would not trust it. I tried it, but it simply does not work. I had many "ideal" setups on 5sec chart, but they failed and it feels random. So, nope, 5 sec chart is not for patterns. As for the "hot-buttons". I use them without "ACTIVATION". This means that each click requires me to click keyboard confirmation. I have this "Transmit" under letter "T" on my keyboard. This allows me to. Trade as following: 1) Entering Trades: 1a) I click on one of the buttons (red - for short, blue for long) and press "T" to transmit this order. I'm doing quick calculation in my head of what is amount of shares to take. I haven't found a way to do it automatically in TWS. 2) Setting up Stop Loss: 2a) I click on "STP" button and I do NOT press "T" just yet. 2b) With my mouse I move up or down line where stop loss should be. 2c) In the "order" section below buttons I change Stop Order Position size to amount of Shares I purchased. In the drop-down there is "Position Size" so I click that. 2d) I click "T" to transmit the Stop Loss order. 3) Taking partials 3a) I click on one of the red or blue buttons. Which one depends on how much I would like to partial. 3b) I can immediately click "T" for transmit, if I want to take partial NOW. Or I move my order up or down to set where I would like to take my partial. 4) Update of the Stop Loss. 4a) in the "order section" I click on "postilion" and select "Position Size". I then press "T" on keyboard to transmit (update) stop loss order. 4b) If I want to, I can move my stop loss up or down with my mouse to Break Even. 5) "Automatic" mode - preplanning There are some cases where I would like to walk away from my computer. In such cases I create 4 "range" orders for taking partials. Each of the orders has a Limit order and and Stop loss order. This is done using "OCA Group" column. If you want to "bind" two orders (so that one cancels another), simply put same text for both orders. I usually put: HHMM.PartialNumber (e.g. 0933.1). So if I would do 4 "partials" I would have 8 order lines in total: 4 limit orders, 4 stop loss orders, these orders would be "grouped" using following: 0933.1, 0933.2, 0933.4 0933.4. "Limit Order" would be linked with it's corresponding "Stop Loss" order For stops - I use hard stops. Hope it helps. Best regards, Radek
  2. Sure. No problem. My XML files with settings should be attached to this post. File is XML, so you would have to change file's extension. settings-2020-11-13.txt
  3. Same here. I use IB as broker and their TWS platform for trading. It suites me very well and I prefer it over DAS to be frank. But this is is just a matter of preference.
  4. Hi tardi44, Yes, I use it a lot. Refresh rate is 4 times a second, but that's good enough. For the signals I'm interested in (e.g. large bids/large asks), it does not really matter that much. I think it's even better as you don't have too much number changes on the screen. I trade with the following "main screen" setup (sorry for lack of data in the charts, but we are before market open). From top left: - 5 sec chart - I think this is super cool chart that is underutilized, I use it instead of "time and sales". I see on the chart "big orders" as volume spikes. This gives me perspective if there is "a lot of small orders" or there was a big order etc. It shows as well when the stock has problems to "break out" and if I'm counting on breakout, it might be a signal to get out early at break even or with a small profit. - 5 min - 1 min (with chart trading) + hot buttons + active orders - L2 data bottom: - Spy 2min - daily
  5. Hi Guys, Topic is quite old, but I thought I will give my feedback. I started with TWS, then moved to DAS and again I'm back to TWS. For me TWS is simply better for they style I like to trade. I mostly use hot-keys, hot-buttons and chart (orders on chart that look like lined) to trade. On top of that I use API, so that my algo can connect and place orders (but that's just a side benefit). I can prepare my entry, exit and profit targets, even before trade will actually trigger (if my entry is a Stop Limit order for example). And I can do it visually on the graph (like on the attached image). When my trade triggers I can easily transmit (activate) trades and adjust them to the price action. Then of course I have hotkeys to "close" position and cancel orders. I don't have any CPU/memory issues as I have really powerful machine (24 logical CPUs, 32GB or ram and super fast SSD drive). In the last 6 months it has not crashed on me. I know that BBT is mostly using DAS, but for me it was not ideal. I hope I will not get casted-away from BBT due to my platform choice ;). Couple of positives that I see when I moved back from DAS to TWS: 1) Trading on chart is much easier on TWS 2) Hot-buttons / (DAS hot-keys) can be used with additional confirmation. E.g. I have buy and sell hot keys, I can setup hot-keys to prepare orders, and then use a different key to "transmit" the order. This way I have a lot less "misclicks" compared to DAS. This is thanks to that "additonal" level of confirmation. 3) Placed order modification is way easier in TWS compared to DAS. It is easy to create "range" (aka bracket) orders using OCA groups. This way I can pre-plan my entire trade, and "go out". I don't have to worry about adjusting stop losses / profit takers etc. It can be put to "automatic" mode. Example of my orders if I would like to take a trade at 15:33 market time (reversal). Green would be my entry, bottom red would be my stop loss, 4 red lines that are above green line would be profit targets. Then if I would be in the trade I would switch profit target orders to range orders and I would shift my attention to search for another setup. Hope this helps someone. Cheers and see you in the chat room, Radek (algo trader).
  6. Hi Guys, Sorry for late reply. I would recommend to use ib_insync package to get data from API in a sync way. It's much simpler to implement. Below is the link to the lib I'm using: https://ib-insync.readthedocs.io/api.html Hope it helps. Cheers Radek
  7. Hi Guys, I'm looking for something like a PANIC script but for a single stock. Panic script is closing all my position. That's why I cannot use it for a single stock. Any idea or a tip is welcome. Thank you and have a nice day. Radek
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