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  1. Hello, I've been trying to follow along with the following Interactive Brokers lessons on IB API: https://youtu.be/aSdi667LGp0?t=251 The code that I am testing is the exact code from the video and can also be found in the attached PDF. The purpose is to simply print live data tick by tick. The issue I am having is that it works when I run the program... and then it doesn't. When it fails to return live market data, it displays "Process finished with exit code 0" meaning that there were no errors. If the code failed outright it would be easier to troubleshoot but it is very perplexing that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Any help would be appreciated. Any alternate code to test the same concept would also be helpful! M Fitch System and software details: Windows 10 TWS stable windows x64 TWS API install 9.76 IntelliJ TA-2018-TWS-Python-Receiving-Market-Data-Study-Notes.pdf
  2. Hey folks, I'm new to trade ideas (and scanners in general) but I was wondering if anyone had a scanner or scanner settings suggestion for the following: I would like a scanner that alerts breakouts in number of orders going through per unit time (regardless of order size). Any scanners/settings that I've found so far are all based on volume and can be triggered by a massive single order. I'm looking for something that can be triggered by number of orders and not necessarily volume spikes. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, M Fitch
  3. Hello, I recently got set up with DAS and IB. I had previously just worked in DAS with a simulator account. I am unable to place orders greater than equity even though I have a margin account and my buying power indicated is greater than equity (consistent with 4:1 margin account). Is this a DAS issue or an IB issue? Guidance appreciated. Thanks, M Fitch
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