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  1. Select Tools>Auto Upgrade *** make sure to save your DAS and close the program once the upgrade starts or it will ask you to close the program before finishing the update.
  2. Is there a hotkey command script to go back and forth between two montage screens? I tried the command " SwitchTWnd" key "END" but only goes from one montage to the other montage, but can't go back to the first one again. I want to have this hotkey function on my mini keypad and keep everything in on location going to the main keyboard or mouse click. Thxs JP
  3. Ryan, I noticed that sometimes, the device defaults to my mouse or the main keyboard. I saved configuration. Is there something that I am not doing to save to the other keypad device? Thxs JP
  4. So I had this old number keypad laying around the house and I try following Ryan's suggestions by going to the website and following the instructions, plus little help from Ryan, I was able to setup simple Hotkey pad. I'm still working on modifying the pad, but for now this is the layout. Just follow the instructions on HIDMacros and some mapping of the DAS Hotkeys with HIDMacros. I will probably get the Stream Deck later. I think Amazon sell this number keypad for $8.99 or use any old USB keyboard too.
  5. Robert, Thxs for posting this! I was figuring out why my charts were not showing fully. Question for you, how do you set up the daily level lines (highs & lows) on the chart? dotted orange lines Thxs JP
  6. Ryan, Thanks for posting this! This is awesome and I now have to pull out one of my old keyboards and try setting this up. JP
  7. Thxs... I need to do more studying on this and try to also watch the vol increase. (which I think is one of the key eliminates in price moments. I the past I would just focus more on candelstick
  8. factor in the about 2 days for DAS & IB to link up. also if u have under $10K you can only trade 4x/week(1 full trade a day) I learned the hard way yesterday by trading 3x and they put my acccount on hold until next Friday ( possible PDT ) I totally forgot about this rule.
  9. Robert Thanks for sharing your trades. Great suggestions to screen shot and take notes....
  10. I also setup IB account few days ago. It takes about 48hrs for your account to go live with DAS. Also, make sure to go into your control panel and switch over to tiered commission plan. It takes 24hrs. My experience with IB & DAS 1) I had cancel my sim subscription and request refund for unused portion. 2) Subscript to IB DAS Deluxe Plan @ $150/month 3) follow DAS request instructions 4) wait for their confirmation email from IB when the acct will go live. JP
  11. I thought I let you folks know when you create your multi montages,charts, price list and etc. for multi screen layouts to make sure to save the desktop before closing your DAS If not all the work you did creating those wonder layout will not be saved next time. I learned the hard way!!! Also if you have different stock symbols on the screen and you later want to use them again, just save the screen layout with different file name. The DAS opens with default file always.
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