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  1. In DAS go to Setup/Hotkey - find the specific one and read the Command script.
  2. Hi Trinity, are you able to still use the paper trader feature of DAS linked to your TD account? Thanks.
  3. I use TC2000 and have for years. The charting is great, and the EasyScans are unbelievable. They just added a premarket volume buzz feature which use to find stocks in play. I don't use the broker. I think for the price TC2000 is a great charting and scan program. I use the Gold level, and they also have a Platinum level. I should add, they don't have a Mac version, you have to use a remote desktop client setup which they walk you through. It's a little clunky by works ok.
  4. Hi Chris - are you still using this setup? If so, is it still performing well for you?
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