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  1. Steve Spencer just posted this article on "putting. a trade together." www.smbtraining.com/blog/putting-a-trade-together
  2. I would guess that once you're made your daily goal, you are then trading without a goal. How do you measure when to take profits? You're just seeking a little bit more. You're now in the emotion of your worthiness as a person/trader. If you don't know what you're shooting for you will keep going until you wind up giving it back. At least I had this exact experience in blackjack. Made a few hundred dollars, then thought, I could make more. Gave back all my profit and then all my bankroll for the night. Gamblers don't have stop-losses or profit goals.
  3. Hi -- I just joined BBT, read the Day Trading and Swing Trading Books, watched the premarket shows. Bought a PC and will start sim trading shortly. I'm a burned out lawyer and I am so appreciative of the community, the information, the live trading chatroom, etc. Thanks so much!
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