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  1. Hi everyone, is there a way zooming in and out a chart on the price axis? Like in TOS, or Ninja Trader I can point with my mouse cursor on the Y axis and by pressing and holding the left mouse key I can easily zoom in, or out. Especially right at the open I find it very difficult to watch the candles scaled in a lot to gain the right perspective. Thanks in advance Mario
  2. Took them 24 hours for me, but it may take longer depending on what kind of background checks they do. I would definitely call them.
  3. Thanks Abiel, since I do not have the BBT demo version I guess it wont work. I can logon with my normal demo credentials, but do not have permission to use the replay feature.
  4. Chris, I think it only works for now, if you have a demo version directly from BBT.
  5. Hi everyone, I installed the new DAS Demo version in order to use its new replay mode. Unfortunately I get a message saying ''No permission for replay mode.'' Any idea whats the problem here? Much thanks in advance! Mario
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