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  1. Hey justin! So im trying to get a hotkey (for futures actually) that buys X amount of shares (contracts) and then use a limit /range order on the average. Im using the following:

    To buy long 2 contracts: 



    And the long range order for 2R is:

    CXL ALLSYMB; Route=Limit;Share=Pos;Price=AvgCost-StopPrice;Price=Price*2;Price=Price+AvgCost;Price=Round2;Route=Stop;StopType=Range;LowPrice=StopPrice;HighPrice=Price;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send;ROUTE=LIMIT


    So my perfect setup would be hotkey to buy 2 contracts or X amount and then another hotkey define 2R / 3R etc....with a stoploss as I would do normally with stocks. Any ideas? 

    1. Justin


      You know... I know absolutely nothing about Futures and Options. So I really can't advise the best course here. I would suggest posting a thread in the forums 🙂

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