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  1. 21 hours ago, WilliamH said:

    Who wants to volunteer to lead an offical BBT meetup in Vancouver in December. You will be responsible for leading the forum post, picking the date, time and venue.

    I will help along the way and coordinate with Andrews schedule. Who wants to to take this up?

    Hey William,

    Looks like we have a few for a meet up!

    I don’t live in Vancouver, but I really would like to come out for a visit. 

    If someone that lives in or near Van would like to take the lead on this that would be great. If not, I would be happy to organize. (I might need some suggestions for a venue though!) Please let us know if you would like to help or have any suggestions, that would be great! 


  2. 2 hours ago, Zack said:

    Hi all,

    My name is Zack, I've been a member of BBT (since June of 2018 - a little over a year) and have been slowly trying to integrate myself more and more into the community. As I'm going to the NYC meetup today, figured this is as good of a time as any to post here!

    I'm 32 and live in San Francisco. I studying music & business in college (B.S. in Music Industry from USC) and worked in the industry for several years. Eventually got fed up with the egos and lack of innovation and switched into tech. Worked in sales and consulting there for a while (first for startups, then for major brands, then for myself) and discovered, well, I don't enjoy being at the whim of clients and it's not how I want to live my life. I had been investing in stocks from a longer term perspective and got really interested in the markets. Eventually I found Andrew's book on Amazon, and it legitimately changed my life forever! 

    I traded live at first, and made some money, then lost a lot of money. I wasn't ready. I switched into SIM for about 3 months, then went back live. I've grown my size and now been trading for a living for over 6 months. I've posted a few video recaps to the BBT channel sporadically but would like to get more involved.

    I'm basically on the BBT chat every day, watching the pre-market show and trading the open (provided I can get up on time), and often into mid-day.

    I've been reading everything I can - without trying to overload my brain - and a turning point for me was learning about trading psychology and understanding that a calm mind and patience leads to consistent green days.

    I am actively looking for more ways to get involved with retail traders (for one, to learn more, and two, because trading from home can be isolating at times -- I was surprised to find I do miss the office environment after enough time!).

    Also in reading through these posts, I realized I never have taken time to join the lifetime member sessions and I am looking forward to doing more of that!

    Thanks all and I look forward to meeting more of you!

    - Zack

    What’s up Zack!

    Welcome man! It’s nice to know others feel the same way. If we subsist on our own it’s a nice feeling but it gets lonely at times for sure. Glad to hear you are hitting up the NYC meet up! I wish I could go! Flights from western canada are fairly expensive right now. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing about it! 🙂

    Ive been wanting to connect with a few newer traders as well. Feel free to hit me up anytime. 


  3. Hey BBT Nation!

    My name is Blake, and I'm from southern Alberta, Canada.

    I am a small business owner and have always been thinking of something more engaging to do with both my time and capital.

    I started slowly learning about investing and then came across day trading. I have been reading books, watching YouTube videos, podcasts, etc., and just familiarizing myself with trading. I've also done some spelunking around other communities until I found Bear Bull Traders in March of this year. I have been watching the Pre-Market show religiously since then (shout out to @Norm  and @Carlos M. for making it as informative as it is entertaining haha) While also just devouring all the great content on the BBT YouTube channel by everyone. Really great stuff! At the same time, reading both of Andrew's books. I love all the moderators here (I don't want to leave anyone out, you guys all rock seriously!) Everyone part of the community seems really friendly and supportive. Good vibes here.

    So as of September 1st, 2019, very happy to be a member of the BBT Community! Looking forward to continuing this enjoyable journey with you all! 



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