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  1. Hey Everyone, My name is Jordan, I'm a 24 year old from Dawson Creek, BC Canada(No not the TV show lol). Only a short 12 hour commute NORTH from Vancouver(Yes its very cold). I work here as a Power Engineer in the Oil & Gas Industry and I was looking for something to focus my energy into so I could hopefully provide myself with a second stream of income, and possibly a new career path in the future. After a few years of losing money on long term investing in the market, I picked up both of Andrews books and decided to pursue Day Trading. I have been active in the community for a 6 months now, trained in SIM for 4 months and just started trading live 2 months ago. Hoping to become more involved with the community in the future, and hope to get into a Vancouver meetup one day! Thank y'all for the amazing community! JJ
  2. I know this is an older post but does anyone know how to change to color of the hours of Market Close? Just like in Kurt's Chart Settings, I want to make it easily distinguishable by making its grey. Thanks!
  3. Im currently struggling with not letting my P/L for the day bleed into my daily life. I find that if I traded good, I go into my day feeling slightly more optimistic and motivated. When I have a bad trade day, I let it get to me and I feel like I have this cloud of failure hover over me for the first few hours of my day. I tell myself what I could have done better and consciously make myself aware that I should not be so hard, which helps. But I think my subconscious says otherwise. My question is How do you not let Daily P/L bleed into day to day life? Thanks!
  4. Sounds good to me! Would like to know dates so I could book time off if this is happening
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