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  1. Hi everyone, I didn't go through all the pages so I hope this question wasn't already asked. I have all the hotkeys setup and working, but there is something I would like to achieve and I don't know how. Let's say I'm already in a trade, I went long with a fixed risk, and I have my stop defined. Maybe I went with a smaller size than usual, and now the stock is moving in my direction so I would like to add in, without raising my first stop. I would like to keep my first entry and my first stop the same, and have a second stop corresponding to my second entry. @KyleK29 Do you know if this is possible ? Thank you !
  2. Hi guys ! I live in Fernie, I could meet somewhere around but I won't be able to drive as far as Banff. Let me know if the meetup location change ! Thank you
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