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  1. It's an extra cost to have replay with DAS...$15 USD per month
  2. I too hope this thread is still alive. I work a full time job. My boss is kind enough to let me take an "early" 1 1/2 hour lunch break. I'm on AST where the market opens 10:30 am local time. I jump in the car at 10am, drive like hell to get home at 10:20, flash up my trading station, copy the stocks in play, set my levels and am ready 2 minutes before the open. I trade for 25 minutes, but it's the best time of the day to trade. Opening range / ABCD/ parabolic reversals. Then back to work for 11:30. I review and journal my trades each night. It's hectic, but at least I'm trading and progressing. I've been doing this for a year now. Not easy, but if you can find a way to trade the open, it's worth it. Build your account till you can trade full time. Good luck you guys...if you (we) can trade and work full time, think how great it will be to trade full time without that pesky day job!
  3. That would work, except I don't see a script to liquidate a market order (or I don't know the script). I only see the BUY and SELL options. Is there a script to liquidate at a market order without specifying BUY or SELL (using the Sell=Reverse)?
  4. Thanks Peter and agreed. What I was thinking of was a hot key to, say, liquidate half my shares with one hot key (using the reverse code) instead of two keys (one for sell and one for cover). Do you have a script for this? Thanks!
  5. Hi - If I use the SEND=REVERSE, I believe I need to change the Price=Bid-0.05 as that would only work for liquidating a long position. Any thoughts? I'd really like to use the reverse....
  6. That totally makes sense! I tried it and it worked perfectly. Thanks for your fast response Peter. I'm not a script wizard and this was driving me nuts. I'll check out your suggestion tonight on the reverse position, but if you have time to post tomorrow, that will be great. Thanks again, I really appreciate your time and expertise! hux
  7. The "liquidate 25% and move SL to B/E" hot key is excellent. I tried both the long and short and they worked fine. However.... If I use these and also partial again with my partial HK, instead of stopping out, it flips the position. So for example, if I'm long and I sell 25% and move the position to B/E with the HK, then partial again with my partial HK, say 50%, instead of stopping out completely, it will flip the remaining position to short. My partial 50% script is ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=Pos*.5;Price=Bid-.05;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send; Any advice on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated! ie, stop out completely, not flip the position. Thanks!!
  8. Thanks for your quick response Lee. I did watch this video, it was very helpful, as I wanted to set up the pre-market levels as you showed in the video. I don't see HOD or LOD on the list though (unless it's the "Last Bar High" / "Last bar Low"). I'm wondering if that's it. On a separate note, when i added the 2nd pricemarker with the pre-market high and low fields, then Commit, it froze my price scale (!). Weird...I had to undo my changes. Any additional info on the above would be appreciated. I'm off to work for my two week rotation, so I try again when i get back. Thanks again. g
  9. Hi Robert - I clicked the link in your note and it said "page not available". I'm wondering how to add the HOD and LOD. Any info is appreciated....thanks!
  10. thanks peterB...it helps to know what others do in the first hour. my numbers are similar, though used to be higher in my over trading days (which still happens occasionally)....
  11. How many trades would you typically execute in the first half hour? and the next half hour? Just trying to get a perspective on the number of trades in my first hour of trading vs everyone else. I'm still new at this and still in sim. I know it depends on many things, just looking for your rough average.....thanks! greg h
  12. I hope you stay. Just reading through all this for the first time, i found very interesting and helpful to see how others trade. i use Tradervue as well. I hope you stay, you're a good trader. how long have you been trading?
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