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  1. Brendon, on the issues post that you began this thread with, have the issues improved? Especially, are you still having trouble closing out positions?
  2. I have heard many of our folks say that if you can comfortably afford to deposit $25,000, you should go with Speedtrader (or IB), rather than CME group. Why is that - security, protection, ease of use, better tools? I understand the Pattern Trade Rule in the US requires the $25,000 on account, but outside of that, what advantages to the US brokers have over the offsite? I have one month of simulator left of my initial three months, and am starting to think about broker choice. I foresee continuing in the sim for a while longer, but want to have an active account to play around with small share sizes to test my psychology from time to time while I am learning.
  3. I've been wanting to copy my complete layout from my default tab to a second tab. Sounds like this should do the trick.
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