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  1. If you prefer to buy based on the dollar value instead of the percentage of buying power you can use the following script: Example of buying 30k dollar worth of stock: ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=Ask+0.05;Price=Round2;Share=30000/PRICE;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send Thanks Robert for helping me figuring this out.
  2. I supposed it's kind of like using the hotkeys for long or short. It needs the montage selected. For me this is useful since I have a montage button and a finviz button on the stream deck also. The montage button allows me to traverse through the montages screens (similar function as the keyboard End key) or I can also use the mouse (which ever I can touch first). My setup is just a simple. Beside the stream deck, I am using a 34 inches wide monitor to view 3 stocks (set of 1 min and 5 min charts). Going to practice and try to master 2 strategies for now (Support and Resistance, VWap). Thanks, Michael
  3. It's very much possible. Here's how you do it: In your hotkey screen, add the following hot key and it will work like a charm! https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=%SYMB% One other question, am I allowed to upload an image. Was trying to but got a privilege type error. Thanks, Michael
  4. Thanks for the quick response Robert. I just emailed DAS support as suggested. I will share the response once I hear back from them. Michael
  5. Is it possible to set up a DAS hot key to go directly to the url with a stock symbol as a place holder (coming from montage) In other words for example, I want to press hot ` which brings up the finviz.com website. But instead of https://finviz.com I want it to look at the montage and use the selected stock symbol (ex: VTVT). For example when I press the DAS hotkey `, I want it to go to the following URL: https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=VTVT Then I can use the Stream Deck to link it to the key press `. This way it's a lot smarter (save a lot of keystroke). Thanks, Michael
  6. Jason, the Stream Deck is a genius idea. Thanks for sharing your setup.
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