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  1. Thanks, Robert, this link (https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/buy-sell-hotkeys/) that you mentioned seems to be broken. Can you please fix it?
  2. I just confirmed with SpeedTrader chat that they do provide 1099 tax forms for US residents, though there is no direct import integration with TurboTax.
  3. Does anyone aware of the tax forms provided by Speedtrader for US residents? I've reached out them for confirmation on this. IB has nice direct import integration with TurboTax.
  4. Thank you Robert for the reply. @kkoskela - May I know the reason for you to go with Speedtrader vs IB? Robert put up a nice comparison chart, but I am still unable to decide between Speedtrader and IB.
  5. Robert, So it uses same routing network and close to NASDAQ (and all other factors Andrew mentioned in the first class)? I am thinking of subscribing with SpeedTrader Pro instead of paying for (DAS + SpeedTrader or IB) Any suggestions?
  6. So, anyone tried Speedtrader PRO? https://speedtrader.com/speedtrader-pro/ Pros and cons?
  7. Figured out today that tradervue.com is also useful with out of the box features.
  8. anhkind - This looks promising and I just imported a .csv from DAS simulator. Tradebench also has an option to paste screenshots for each trade.
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