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    I'm going to update this in case someone else sees these orders in the future and finds this post looking for answers. For anyone who trades the opening 5 minutes, these orders are a huge pain. They completely obscure the tape at times, and are sometimes multiple points away from the last trade price. After a very long and completely unhelpful exchange with a very unfriendly DAS support rep, I finally know what these are (I think). They are real orders that are being reported at the time they come through the tape, and by turning "exchange" on in the T/S settings you can see that all these orders were routed through FADF which is a apparently any one of a number of dark pools. So this is why they are coming in way outside of the spread, they were likely executed seconds or minutes earlier, and are only being reported at the time you see them on the tape. The solution to getting rid of them, so they don't ruin your ability to judge order flow, is to set T/S settings to only display transactions greater than one share.
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