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    For anyone that uses Thinkorswim I have some scripts that automatically plot the previous day open/high/low/close and also the premarket high/low like DAS does on Andrews charts. They only show up on intraday charts, so they disappear once you go out to a daily chart like 6 months, etc, but I only really care about them on the intraday chart anyways so for me its not a problem. These will be "Studies" that you can add to your charts, and there are different options, so you can set them up how you want. You can choose if you want any of the open/high/low/close lines to show or not (i just use HLC), change the colors, bubbles/titles, line styles, etc. There is also an option on the OHLC study to select how many days back you want it to go. So 1 is yesterday, 2 is the day before, etc. On Andrews DAS he has yesterday and the day before, so I've copied that and add two of the OHLC studies to my chart, one for yesterday (1) and another for the day before (2). The premarket HL study just goes back to todays premarket so theres no option for days back, but you can tweak all the other stuff like the OHLC study. I'm also sharing the Flexible Grid that I use for my Charts in case anyone wants to give it a try. I pretty much copied the layout of Andrews DAS, although its a little different because, well, its a different program haha. Got it close enough though haha. I'll attach a screenshot so you can check it out first. Depending on your screen size you may have to adjust some of the sections a bit. Couple other things to note, for some reason TOS has some sort of bug that displays the top right section where I have the buy/sell buttons all weird when I open TOS in the morning. I have to hit the little gear logo for that section, then hit the Restore button, then OK, for it to correct itself. Same thing happens with the price ladder gadget in the bottom right. Since I have the position summary already in the top right I hide it in the ladder section, but you have to hit the mini gear to do that. Kind of annoying, but it is what it is. Oh, and for some reason the Level II in TOS charts has the price, net change and % change repeated 3 times all together. I have no idea why they do that. Personally I just detach a Level II gadget and pin it over this section since the gadget doesn't have that issue and looks cleaner. I've brought all this up to the TOS support so hopefully they fix that stuff someday. If anyone else wants to let them know as well you can email them at [email protected] Maybe if they get more people asking they'll actually fix it haha. Ask for customizable hot keys too haha. Heres the links: Previous OHLC: http://tos.mx/LPErUa Premarket HL: http://tos.mx/P9a56y Andrews DAS Style Flex Grid: http://tos.mx/avIx9s To load these go to the top right Setup Gear and choose Open Shared Item. Paste in these links and then you can then rename them whatever you want. Alright this got a lot longer that I was planning. Sorry for the rambling. Hopefully this helps though. Someday I'll switch to DAS haha, but for now it certainly saves me time in the morning plotting all the previous HLC and premarket HL levels. Let me know if you have any questions. Screen shot of flex grid:
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