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    Please use this thread to post your questions before and after the Success Webinar! How to Trade using Pivots P.1 Market Auction Theory John has been trading the High of Day Break strategy almost exclusively since early 2020 and he credits it with turning his trading career around. In fact, he has traded it over 1300 times in the past year with great success. In essence, it is a very simple strategy and great for beginner traders. But it can also be easily adapted to add specificity and complexity to account for things like stock price, time of day, nearby levels, etc. The beauty of the strategy is that it provides a very basic starting point from which a trader can begin to develop their own unique edge. Date : Tues Feb 16, 2021 Time : 8:00 PM ET Location : Webinar Room (Elite Members only)
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    Nevener, What a grab! Working to implement this tonight. I'm using this to sell last of a position. Here's the flow chart; 1. Double Click for Stop Price 2. Hot Key sets up Stop Order and Limit Price 3. Hot Key for Remainder of Position Thanks again. See you on in chat.
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