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    • Hey Alan! That's a great feeling to have success with trading early on, welcome to the BBT family. Remember each trader has their own strategy and approach, no two traders are exactly alike. I would suggest to follow you initial plan to this trade and do not deviate from what is working for you. You can always tweak your strategy for the next trade and lock in more profits or avoid a large loss.
    • 📉 +$694 Trade Recap: TSLA Bounce off PM low VWAP Squeeze, BABA Bounce of PM low, AMD Bounce off PDC🚀 Trade Date 5/22/24 Entry/Exit: TSLA quick momentum squeeze above VWAP trade, saw a few wicks bouncing close to PM low. Target was S1, stop was break of low of day, partialed a few times and got stopped out at B/E. AMD was holding PDC nicely after a massive selloff, QQQ was running up above VWAP, went long, 1st target was 20EMA 5-min, then VWAP, then large order @ $168 and S5/PM high. Stop was break of PDC. Partialed on the way up but did not hit my final target and decided to exit fully. BABA was a bullish engulfing play on the 5-min, went long after break of VWAP, stop was >50% retracement, added on the way up toward PM high and S4 (large Asks sitting higher in the $85s and PDC), partialed and got stopped out at B/E as there was a hard rejection above S4. #TSLA #BABA #AMD #PDCBounce  #VWAPSqueeze  #BullishEngulfing
    • Hey Bear Bull Traders! I started day trading about two weeks ago, and mostly learning from X/Twitter, news, and I hope this forum/community  will help. Needless to say as probably everyone here I bought NVDA lately. Today, I had some success selling at $995, and taking home close to 6k. Being so green and new  it made my day 🥹   Now the question; I have remaining 50 shares, and I wish to sell them if NVDA hits $1,010 / $1,015 after hours... I am not yet very familiar with calls  what would you recommend I do before the dip tomorrow?!
    • Hey Dav003, In Canada we don't have the PDT rule. Check for INBK it's a good broker. They have office in Montréal. As canadian or Québecois, I feel safe with them. For paper trading, if you use DAS Trader Demo subscription, it already have a paper account integrated. Good luck!  
    • I am a beginner who just finished Andrew’s book and now i want to start doing some paper trading.I live in Canada and don’t have enough money to start under PDT rule so what brokerage and what simulator should i start using to better my skills 
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