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    • flip is just a double position stop but sometimes you may be not filled because of margin requirements so be aware of that
    • SYMBOL is a symbol it does not matter what it is for the order preparation on montage so i think there is no way to determine it (now) documentation is very vague in the application itself in the hotkeys section. better documentation with some explanation and examples is here https://traderpeter.substack.com/s/dastrader-hotkeys
    • Hi PeterB , is there a way one can test to see if the current symbol is a stock or an option for example with the Advanced hotkeys?  where can one find some literature on the commands plz ?
    • I was thinking about a script to stop out and auto flip your position but I wonder how to differentiate between stop outs after partialing vs stop outs w/o partialing. Not sure if that is possible. Also thought it over and it's probably best practice to simply stop out and manually re-enter the trade, sounds boring I know but probably the smarter method.
    • 📉 +$281 Trade Recap: TSLA Opening Range Breakout, Pre-Market Bounce, VWAP Breakout, and Double Bottom🚀 Trade Date: 6/10/24 Entry/Exit: 1st Trade was very fast, saw a bounce off PDL and thought we could squeeze above VWAP to PDC. Went long at VWAP, partialed at S1 heavily and left the remainder for PDC. Exited fully as coil snap backs to VWAP are common and Tesla is volatile. 2nd Trade: Bounce of S3 and went for a scalp to VWAP and possibly S1, we squeezed up but had a hard reject at S1 and got stopped out B/E after a few partials. 3rd Trade: Very nice bounce off Pre-Market Low/Double Bottom, great wicks on 5-min, went long for a break of VWAP towards HOD, QQQ was also breaking higher. Partialed at S1, PDC, and R1. Tesla did test Pre-Market high but we were fairly extended at that point. #TSLA #TESLA #OpeningRangeBreakout #VWAPBreakout #PreMarketBounce #DoubleBottom  
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