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DAS for IB, subscription type

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Hello all,

I hope someone could answer.

I understand from the BBT page that we should have a $150/month plan, but what does all these other plans mean

Secondly, should I pay for real time at IB or would this be covered by the DAS platform.


Mostly appreciated 🙂

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Certainly, let's explain the terms with a little help from Google and ChatGPT!

1. **IDAS**
   IDAS is the DAS Trader Pro platform designed for mobile devices.

2. **TotalView**
   TotalView is Nasdaq's premier data feed, which displays every single quote and order at every price level for Nasdaq-, NYSE-, MKT-, and regional-listed securities on Nasdaq. It provides visibility into all displayed quotes and orders attributed to specific market participants, including access to total displayed anonymous interest.

3. **IEX Deep**
   DEEP is used to receive real-time depth of book quotations directly from the IEX Exchange. The depth of book quotations received via DEEP provides an aggregated size of resting displayed orders at a specific price and side, without indicating the size or number of individual orders at any price level.

4. **Forex (Foreign Exchange)**
   Day traders in the foreign exchange (Forex) market engage in buying and selling currency pairs within the same trading day, with the aim of profiting from short-term price movements. Forex is highly liquid, and day traders use leverage to magnify potential gains or losses.

5. **FLOAT Data**
   In the context of day trading, "FLOAT" typically refers to the public float of a stock. The public float represents the number of shares available for trading by the general public, excluding closely-held shares. Day traders often consider the float when assessing the liquidity and potential price movements of a stock.

6. **Replay Level 1**
   Traders can use the ability to replay Level 1 market data to analyze their past trades or to practice and refine their strategies. It allows traders to review the last traded price, bid and ask prices available during historical trading sessions.

7. **ARCA OPRA**
   For day traders, "ARCA OPRA" might refer to options trading data on the NYSE Arca exchange that is reported to the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA). This data is crucial for options traders to make informed decisions regarding options contracts listed on the NYSE Arca.

8. **Level 1**
   Level 1 data, in day trading, provides essential real-time information, including the last trade price, bid price, and ask price. Day traders often use this information to monitor current market conditions and make quick trading decisions.

9.** Level 2**
Day traders rely on Level 2 data to gain a deeper understanding of market depth. It includes a list of current buy and sell orders, the number of shares or contracts available at each price level, and quotes from market makers and ECNs. This detailed information helps day traders assess market liquidity and identify potential entry and exit points for their trades.


AND the realtime data feed is included in those DAS subscribtion!

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