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ATR mark to after open or pre price?

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Howdy friends

Can someone tell me if the ATR average true range should be marked to the daily range  price during active trading or pre market high low?

BABA ATR (14) is roughly $4.5

For example today BABA hit a

pre market low of 97.8

And then went down to $96.98 at the open.

Then raged to HOD of  $104 (still going as of this writing). Let’s forget for a minute that China opening is causing a yesr in china stocks.

just trying to judge where I should

mark my stop and then potential profit taking levels.

I got out at 99.90 from 97 entry.  But obviously I could have trailed longer.

Thanks and Happy new year!





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Hi, I trade using the ATR. To see it on a chart, I use TradingView (free version) and I've added the "(mab) ATR Band" indicator to my chart. It's very helpful for seeing the boundaries of the ATR. The indicator is dynamic and changes throughout the day with prices. This prevents me, for example, from taking a short position when the price is already close to the lower limit. 

For the calculation check this article Average True Range (ATR) Formula, What It Means, and How to Use It (investopedia.com)




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