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IBKR TWS Options Trader Option Strike not activating/ loading when C or P is clicked

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Hi guys,

I'm having this issue with my TWS, on Options Trader when I press either C or P next to Strike Price, the option is not activated or loaded, for example in the Quote Details Window so I can then use the hotkeys to place orders.

I've attached a PDF describing the issue better I hope, and explanation bellow: 

Issue: In Options Trader when I click on C (Call) next to the Option Strike Price it does not activate or load on the Quote Details window that Option, although the two windows are linked, so I can't use the hotkeys to place orders.
I have not tried Options Trader before on TWS so this would be my first time, I've always been using stocks on this platform using Book Trader.
To note that if I use Options Chain and I click on the C (Call) or P (Put) the Strike is loaded into the linked windows like Quote Details, but not on when I use Options Trader. 

Is there a setting for this? Anyone else having this issue? I know at least it used to work like that. I want to use Options Trader so I can use hotkeys to place MID Price Orders.

See attached PDF with screenshots. 


BBT Options Trader Issue.pdf

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The Solution is: 

You have to create a new layout from Scratch, and in the Option Trader window "settings" select/ tick the option: 
"Link Options Chain to Windows Group"

explanation in the  Screenshot Attached

Options Trader Solution.jpg

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