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Hi All,


I was wondering if someone can advise on the sequence of set up for trading. To date, I was trading in DAS simulator that I purchased acccess to through BBT. But I am now ready for real trading.  Should I contact Interactive Brokers first to open an account?  Then do I call DAS to get connected?  Or Interactive Brokers offe that connectivity?  Also, does anyone know the fees invovled?


Thank you for your help! 

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1. open broker account (IB)

2. fund your account and set your base currency to USD on your IB account in case you are in europe
3. buy DAS https://dastrader.com/subscribe-interactive-brokers/



i recomend you to buy replay mode as well


so you will be paying 165$ monthly to DAS


no fees other than comissions on IB (approx $0.0115 per share)

no data package for IB needed if you trade only with DAS

4. download DAS mobile app for cases when your pc goes off or you need to control your trades while your ISP/internet is down

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