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Hi, I was wondering if there are any day traders living in Germany?  I'm a Canadian citizen but have been living here for a year and I can't seem to find much information on the topic.  

Can I trade with IBKR with my Canadian funds remotely from here?  Can I use IBKR for example with my German funds?  

ANY help would be MUCH appreciated.  Thanks!

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In EU your tax residency is determined usually by your permanent stay (over 183 days in a year) but if all your documents, ID, driving license etc. are still canadian do not bother.

you can trade with your canadian account. technically there is no limit to that. IBKR has also a european version which will make your funds transfer much easier and free if you have a bank account in EU so its up to you if you open the EU account or not. but be aware that you would need to go through the account opening procedure with new documents confirming your EU address so if you are just renting a place and have no electricity bills or similar confirming your address you might fail on that

regarding the german members look at the member map above

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