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DAS Trader: More than One Trigger orders

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DAS Trader: I would like to know if you can have more than one trigger orders attached to the primary order. For example

Primary order: Buy 100 shares of APPL at $170.

Trigger Orders: 

Sell 25 shares of APPL at $171

Sell 50 shares of APPL at $172

sell 25 shares of APPL at $174

set STOP sell order of 100 shares at $169

So when the primary order is executed, it will trigger the above three profit taking orders and a one stop loss order. 

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Placing all these orders are possible but the trader needs to manage the trade actively.  Profit target prices need to be dynamic. The share price can only reach 1st profit (or 1st and 2nd,) target before returning to the stop loss. In that case the stop order needs to be updated with proper position size, stop price can be adjusted to b/e price. Other scenarios also possible.  OCO can be implemented.

Best of luck. 

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