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I'm new here at BBT and I've just been trading in SIM for about 1 month.

Before at the end of the day I would only look at my P&L, but the past couple days I started to look at my account report also to get a sense of how much commission and fees I paid

I'm not sure if what they shows on the SIM account would be the same as if I open an actual account with IB later.

I've included an image of my SIM account report for today 7/14.

I've watched Andrew's Youtube video on the commission topic a few months back and he said that everything over 20% you might be overtrading.

The way I trade is that I would partial out at levels I feel like there might be a pullback and add more to my trade at those levels and keep partial out and adding more.

I wonder if I should change my trading execution because of the high %fee I get charge?

If you have any advise please let me know.

I've just started with trading and honestly I still don't even know if it's the right thing for me. But I really appreciated your work here at BBT for creating such a helpful community so I don't feel like I'm alone in this journey.

Thank you in advance.


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if it suits you and you can be consistent with the style then do not change it just now but maybe over the time you will evolve it to something more efficient just naturally. to me 90 executions seems too much to somebody else it might be ok. But if you tend to over-partiall ask yourself next time if you really want these $10 of this partial and pay for it 0,5$ just for the keypress which cost you 5% of the profit

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