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TradeBookTracker Template

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I'm sharing my spreadsheet that I have developed to help me track my TradeBooks and visually show me what I might be doing wrong. I am no excel expert, I'm actually terrible at it, but I have been working on this for awhile. I'm sharing for anyone else to use as their own. Make adjustments that suit you, or use them the same as I do. 


This is an example of what it looks like once you start putting trades in.



I have a tab for each TradeBook I have, long and short separated.




I use the Sharpe,Accuracy,Rs tab for all trades for the day. So if I had 4 Mountain Passes and 2 Parabolics, the first tab would have all of them added together.



Below is the template I use for each individual trade review. I actually print every trade and put it in a 3 ring binder. I have a binder for each TradeBook with a long and short tab in each.


Templates - Microsoft OneNote Online (live.com)


Here is a screenshot of my OneNote review page, again, each TradeBook has it's own tab.





Like I said, I'm terrible with this stuff, so I hope I shared this properly for all to be able to use. 


Feel free to ask any questions, or let me know what you have changed.


I would like charts added like running P&L, but I couldn't figure it out.


I would also like the top line to scroll down when I move down the page so I know what the columns are.


You can just delete the indicators and put in the ones you use with your TradeBook.


All feedback is appreciated and welcomed.



EDIT, I updated with a link that is not editable, you will need to save a copy to use it. 


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If you don’t have a mountain to climb, find one.

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I think I shared a version that is “edit” not “view” I wanted everyone to be able to save the blank ones and use them, but it looks like it is saving changes people make. I might have to redo that part.

If you don’t have a mountain to climb, find one.

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One thing I didn’t mention, in the “R” row under the green and red boxes you will notice some are highlighted yellow. If I managed my partials poorly, I will highlight it. Example, a trade reached 8R level, but I only made 1.5R on it. I will highlight it because I should have made closer to 3-4R. This usually happens when I take too big of partials too early foe no good reason.

If you don’t have a mountain to climb, find one.

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