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Hello BBTraders!

I've started my daytrade education for about 3 weeks ago and I've watched all videos concerning reversals issue. Still, I have a few doubts but I was wondering why the following reversal has escaped me and I didn't recognized it.

Can anyone help me identify how could I detect this reversal? This chart is from January 12th and I missed that stron reversal to VWAP at 11h55. I din't see volume coming in (chart 1min.) , however at the beginning price was extended from de 9EMA (chart 5min.) and, at arround 61.8$ (chart 1min.) there is a crossing between moving averages (9, 20 and 50, chart 1 min.) and finnaly a last bearish candle was a hammer. I think I'm missing something, so, how can I identify this reversal sooner? Important as well is that 61.2 is a level, is de LOD! Is these 4 criterias enough for me to enter?



Thank you in advance for your replys.

Regards and wish you all good trades!

Nuno Inácio (from Portugal).


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Generally u have the major criteria correct.  Sometimes u see the turn sometimes u do not. And it comes with time, chart time under ur belt.

1. A level, significant  one

2. Exhaustive or climatic volume compared to previous candles

3. Candle Pattern, Doji, Hammer, Engulfing, Harami

4. Break of high or the previous pattern in 3 above

5. Time / Sales - orders hitting the ASK, usually green.  Tape speeding up

6. Montage - BIDS stacking, ASK lifting, ASK thinner than BIDS

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