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Work ethics

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I was wondering what are the different work ethics that you guys use to get better at trading? By that I mean sleep pattern, coffee/drug/alcohol consumption, reading books and how you take notes and how do you remind yourself of your weaknesses during trading?

Maybe we can learn from one another.


I try my best to sleep at least 8 hours and never take any medicine/drugs or alcohol unless it's friday or saturday

I wake up 2 hours and 30 minutes before market open so I'm fully awake by 9:30. During this period I ate and I did a couple push up and squats to wake me up

I go over my plan and what I want to work on (ex: tightening my stop losses).

I start trading. Every time I finish a trade I stand up and move around a bit to calm myself and assess my emotions (I want to be fully stoic while trading)

When I'm done trading I do my own recap quickly and take a break

Later in the day I go over my recap and I look for what I did great and what I need to work on next time.

I got a spreadsheet with things I have to work on and five squares next to them. Every time I see a weakness I write it and every day that I did not do this mistake I check one square. If I make the same mistake I erase all the check marks . when all the squares are filled I erase that line.

I put a post it on my screen with the mistakes that I have the most trouble with.

I have to read at least one hour a day when I start a new book.

When I finish the books I write all my notes into a one page word document and print it.

I go over theses notes at least once a week.

I wait a couple of weeks before starting a new book because I know that I will forget what most of it was about if I don't let the information sink in. It's important to remember what you studied and not just fill your head with information that is not helpful. So for a few weeks I just go over the notes so I remember all of the important information and forget what is useless. Then I start a new book that talks about one of the things I need to work on.


Keep in mind I don't consider myself a successful trader yet but I would say that my work ethics as been what made me successful in most of my endeavor this far. I hope this can help some people that are willing to put the effort but did not learn a proper work ethic and I'm sure that I will learn a lot from all of your routines as I know this is what makes or breaks great people!


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I normally wake up about two hours be the markets open, have a cup of coffee, take a shit, and if im hungry maybe eat something. I usually read the paper and get my computer all set up. For me I found that I like to be fully awake but very calm, I know some people that like to get amped up but not my style. I usually then start to make my watchlist around 30-45mins before the open, I also go over my game plan and strategies. After im done trading which is around 11(im on ny time) I print out all of my trades and then go workout leave the house get away from the market for a while and then continue my day. Late at night about an hour before I got to bed I recap for the day it helps me get ready for the morning too. All my trades I keep track quarterly. In the heart of my day Im either Studying or trying to learn something new. Im a big believe in that nobody should ever stop learning, I try to use every minute of my day.

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Nice! It looks a lot like my days actually. I'm curious about your printed trades, do you go back to them? make some sort of stats?

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