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Looking for broker in EU

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Hi guys. So I am coming from the crypto world where margin maintenance is very low 100:1 with initial maintenance of 1% 

From what I understand of day trading position size will be repetitively large so I am looking for a broker with low margin maintenance requirements and low deposit requirements 

Mainly because I would rather my cash to be working for me rather that sitting there maintaining margin. If any on has a link to a broker like this and is also compatible with DAS that would be great.

I do plan on studying here first and doing 3 months or whats need in a simulator before going live.


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I am defo not looking to put 25k in an account yet. I thought that 25k minimum was for US only. Dose that mean I wont be able to use DAS unless I deposit 25K with a broker?

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Because of brexit, IBUK PDT rules will change soon.




11. Will I be subject to the U.S. Pattern Day Trading Rule once my account is migrated?

Accounts maintained with IBUK are subject to the U.S. Pattern Day Trading (PDT) rule as the accounts are introduced to and carried by IBLLC, a U.S. broker. The PDT rule restricts accounts with equity below USD 25,000 to no more than 3 Day Trades within any 5-business day period.
As accounts migrated to IBLUX will not be introduced to IBLLC, they will not be subject to the PDT rule.
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