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Guide: Backup DAS Trader Pro on Windows 10

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Saw a question on this in chat this morning, figured I'd whip together a quick guide to help new users switching from Mac OS to Windows 10.  There's a ton of methods to backup the DAS Trader Pro folder, but I'll highlight two real quick.



  1. Find the DAS Trader Pro install (default:  C:\DAS Trader Pro\ )
  2. Right-click the DAS Trader Pro folder --> Send-to --> Compressed Zip (Windows may complain about permissions and wish to place it on the Desktop, choose OK). The zip will either bin in C:\ root or on your desktop.

  3. Rename and move the .zip to where you want it to be (I use the date and version for mine, like DAS_20201030_5.5.2.3.zip)


  1. Rename your current DAS Trader Pro (if it's there) to something like DAS Trader Pro-bak.
  2. Create a new DAS Trader Pro folder (Right-click "New Folder").
  3. Unzip the backed up copy into the this folder.
  4. Alternatively, you can just unzip directly into an existing DAS Trader Pro folder and choose to allow overwriting when Windows prompts you.
  5. Run DAS.



** Note: This guide was made on the Windows 10 October 2020 update, so menus may differ slightly from your version.

  1. Start Menu --> Type in: "Settings" --> Click Settings.

  2. In Settings Search Box --> Type: "Backup" --> Select Backup Settings.

  3. On Backup Settings page --> Select "+ Add Drive" and select the location where you want to store these backups. For this example, we'll just choose my 😧 drive.

  4. Windows 10 will sometimes not refresh the Backup Settings page after selecting a drive, navigate away, and then back to Backup Settings and you should see "Automatically back up my files" are selected. 
  5. Click "More Options"

  6. On the Backup Options screen, adjust how often to backup with "Back up my files [dropdown]" (top red circle), "Keep My Backups [dropdown]" (middle red circle)
  7. Select the "Add a Folder" button (Bottom red circle)

  8. In the Select Folder dialog window, browse to the DAS Trader Pro folder and hit "Choose this folder" button.

  9. Done .. Windows will now backup changes to your files automatically on the configured timeframe.


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