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DAS Released Today

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I'm sure a lot of you know already, but DAS released a new version today (version It comes with a ton of changes that you can see here (https://dastrader.com/notice.html ).

Some changes I think people will appreciate:

  • Added vertical dragging for chart.
  • Added OCO script to support secondary order of OCO pair.
  • Bug fix - there is problem when clicking on price axis label area when placing orders and alerts
  • Added support for multi-script trigger orders (up to 5).
  • Fixed RVOL column sorting in Market Viewer.
  • Added support for stop orders in quote replay mode.
  • Added more default settings for chart alert.

Download link here: https://dastrader.com/docs/das-download-links/

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These 2 will be very useful for me:

  • Moving Avg Pair study - added option to play alert when cross over occurs.
  • Added option to open multiple Trades, Orders and Positions window.

Added vertical dragging for chart. - I thought this was always there (right click price axis and move up/down), if something different, appreciate if someone can explain how.


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