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Stefan Tanev

Help setting up TWS on IB

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IBs trading platform is really confusing and there is not much help to find online. I want to set things up for tomorrow so that I can start paper trading and one thing I cant understand is why I can't make the previous day close price to show as a line. I have it checked in settings but there is no line... Anyone here using their platform that is willing to aid me and perhaps answer more questions that will undoubtedly arise?

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hi  @Stefan Tanev i had this same conversation with another member this week.

TWS has some Global settings that will be applied on every chart by default accesible via File Menu in the main windo...... Global Settings >> Charts >> Settings >> Prior close 

Every single chart u open in the platform has override settings via the View Edit Menu >> Chart Properties ... You will also find there a “Prior close” setting that will only change that chart only ... 

Double check those 2 and for sure your dashed prev day close level will show up on the chart....

Besides that, @Abiel shared with u a post I update regularly with all the settings, mov avgs, hotkeys, levels etc ... hope that file can help u to setup a starting point with TWS 






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