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Monthly Overheads?

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Hello BBT community,

I'm new here and I want to get into Day Trading. I plan to take it seriously.

First off, perhaps a little context, I currently work full time in the Oil & Energy sector, and with the current situation of hardly anyone using oil, my job is at risk and may disappear in the next few months. I live in The Netherlands and my mornings are crazy busy with work. It slows down in the afternoon, around the time the US markets open. This allows me to dip my toe in the waters so to speak.

I've already done tons of research, but I feel i'm only scratching the surface - the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don't know. I'm part way through Andrew's book and it's teaching me a ton.

My options are limited when it comes to Brokers as a non-US resident. Currently signed up for an IB account and learning my way through their platform (which to be honest I don't like, other platforms look much more appealing, like DAS). When I looked at DAS, it says it's $150 per month, and having already started to build a business plan, this is just another thing that I didn't consider. 

So I thought I would reach out here, and try and get a better understanding of Monthly overheads when moving into Day Trading, or any other recommendations you may have.

So far I have the following (Capturing these also helps for any tax breaks later on down the line)

Internet Subscription

Market Data Subscriptions (as a non-professional)

Level 2 Subscriptions

Benzinger Pro

BBT (Learning and support network).



So far, I think ball park, I'm over $300 per month, but I'm sure i'm missing stuff (Like DAS). Meaning in order to break even, I got to be trading a profit of this amount, before I even take any money for myself.. Daunting.. Still, it's not putting me off so far. 

Hoping you fine folks can furnish me with more information on either typical monthly overheads or even on start up costs (I've already sized up a New PC, and I need to find more capital)..


Thanks in Advance


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