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DAS vs Other trader software

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Hi All,

I am on IB and have been using DAS pro for the last few months. However, i have been frustrated with the lag and some minor quirks which have cost me in a few trades. For the most part is works well. I over my hot keys and the order adjustment in the charts. However, I find i only really use the order entry and charting areas of DAS. 


Has anyone else used any other trade engines with IB?  (Such as motivewave, or others)

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I have used Motivewave, while it has lot of good on technical analytics, it's not ready for momentum day trading. I discovered many issues, waiting for fixes. I am leaning toward tradingview for technical analysis, Ihave yet to find good execution and trade management software that works for me. DAS is still best in execution, I have heard good things about Sterling Pro and Realtick as well, but they are more expensive than DAS.


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