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Rob C's Swing Trading Journal

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Swing trade journal 1/30/2020


Another active day. I feel more like a trend day trader than a swing trader.


Exited my long position on D. Original entry at 83.70. First partial at 84.47. Second partial at 85.34. Final target reached today at 86.47.

Stopped out of KWEB at the open this morning at 48.27. Original entry at 47.83. First partial profit at 48.58. Second partial at 49.16. Third partial at 49.79.

Long and stopped out on LK today. Entered at 35.48 First and only partial today at 35.87. Stop out at 35.42. So again, flat for this trade. Then the price dropped and bounced. But after two stop outs in two days I was not getting back in for a swing trade. So instead I bought shares at 35.31 for my long term position account. This has a much wider stop and can hold better to LKs price swings. But I will not track that position in this journal.

Long then stopped out, then long again on EBAY. EBAY would have made my watchlist except it was going to have earnings this week. Now earnings are over my interest in it has increased. EBAY has been trading in a nice range and I was hoping to go long on a bounce of the bottom:


RSI is 45. I did have a bit of a concern that the whole channel was crossed in the last 2 days, but they have been an interesting two days. I was looking for a good entry today and at 11am price broke VWAP and created an ascending triangle on the 5min chart. I went long and things were doing well. The price just missed my limit order and did a V reversal and stopped me out. Price reversed 20 minutes later. Price broke VWAP, came back and tested VWAP again and on the bounce I went long.


So my current trade is: entered at 34.64. First partial today at 34.95. Stop moved to B/E.


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Swing trade journal 1/31/2020


I thought it was going to be a quiet day. EBAY was stopped out right at the open. I had no other open position, so I thought I was done for the day and not too excited opening positions the last day of the month. I am happy with my month and didn’t want to ruin it. But the market had other plans and I had an active morning.


Stopped out on EBAY. Original entry at 34.68. First partial at 34.95. Stopped out today at 34.56.

Entered and stopped out of GLIBA Original entry at 73.33. GLIBA was on my extended watchlist. Popped up today and retraced and was hugging just above VWAP. I went long with a tight stop below VWAP. After about an hour was stopped out.

Long and exited LK today. Entered at 26.77 on a V reversal and again on at 28.08 on a double bottom. LK dropped on a report that they are not honest about their q-reports. I was quite nervous about this trade since the price could easily spike through my stop and I wouldn’t feel that well going into the weekend. So instead of ruining the end of a good month I placed a limit order at 1.5R. It was filled quickly. Then with in 1 minute the price was at +4R. Felt FOMO for a minute. But I am really happy with the second month of swing trading.


+15R for the month of January!!

Made 36 trades this month, 13 winners, 13 losers and 10 B/E. B/E is defined as +/-0.5R. So win/loss ratio is 50%, just like my day trading ratio. What is interesting is with day trading I am usually flat for the month, where swing trading I am quite profitable.


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Watchlist for week of 2/03/2020

I do apologies for incomplete explanations why I am considering these stocks. I also did not include any charts. Sorry I watched the Superbowl (I never watch TV) and this list is much longer than usual. So I didn’t have the time.

Primary list:







> 35.60


Crossing Bullish

Ascending Triangle




May cross Bullish

Huge vol the last 2 weeks. Holding 15.75. Huge Div


H $13



Holding $13 with vol. Nearing all time high.





Short <18 or G-E. In all time low territory


>19.20 or G-E



MACD rising, vague cup and handle. Nice gap to fill


PB to 34.50



Had a big day Friday. Holding 33. MACD went bullish. R/R good


Hold $80 or >$82



Big vol on Friday with a hammer. ABCD


>350 or G-E


Slight Bearish

ABCD, just had a 50/200MA cross.


<20.60 or G-E



Descending Triangle


B-$63 or B-$63



Look for a bounce long ~$63 or $65


B-$47 or >48


Slight Bullish

ABCD break out then pull back, at all time high


Hold $73



Nice gap to fill


“H”=Hold   “G-E” = Good Entry   “PB”=Pull Back   “B”=Bounce


Secondary list:











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Swing trade journal 2/03/2020


Yeeks! I was being lazy and didn’t open my swing trade platform before the market open. I didn’t have an open position and I thought it is good to wait until I am done day trading before I look. But I was being lazy. After my day trading was done, I saw NFLX setting up perfectly. As I noted in my swing trading post yesterday I would go long at the break of $350. The price broke that level and made a nice pull back to the 9MA. But I had to open my platform, go through the security, open the right account, place the order and hit the “are you sure?” Just before I hit the last button, the price popped. Only a dollar, but I felt it and didn’t want to take the trade. I backed away from my screen for a minute and came back and it moved $3 up. At the time of writing it has moved up $8 without me. Yep a good lesson to complete my checklist in the morning. The market is intolerable to lack of preparation!! I won’t make that mistake again.

Even though I had a good intraday trading session, I still felt a lot of FOMO and I am sure I got into the swing trades today because of it. Yes all 3 trades did have the correct trigger I posted last night in my watch list, but none of them were really screaming “buy me!”

Long SDC today at 13.19. The plan was to go long if SDC held $13. This morning the price dropped and tested $13 and bounced. Then made a double bottom and I went long on the confirmation 5min candle. The price quickly rose, but I did not take a partial profit and waited for the red to green. The price missed the PDC by a few cents and quickly dropped back to $13 where it stayed for the rest of the trading day. It tested $13 several times. Stop is at 12.92. Target 13.59.

Long HRL today at 47.61. Open strong today, then had a pull back to VWAP and I went long. The price hovered around VWAP for two hours then started to go slowly lower and finished weak. Stop at $47.

Long WRB today at 74.56. Same story, open strong, pull back to VWAP and I went long on the bounced. Then the price hovered around VWAP the rest of the day. I have a loose stop all the way to 73.24. So not too many shares.


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Swing trade journal 2/04/2020


Exited SDC today. Entered trade at 13.19. First partial at 13.66. Second partial at 13.79. All out on a trailing stop at 13.53. Quite happy with this trade. Already made my week.

Exited HRL today. Entered trade at 47.61. Weak today, exited at B/E.

Exited WRB today. Entered trade at 74.56. Open well and was strong the first hour, though volume was low. Then reversed and broke down through VWAP. Rose to test VWAP and failed, then I exited with a small profit.

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Swing trade journal 2/05/2020


Long ADSK stopped out and long again today. Entered trade at 203.53 on a double bottom, small share size. Stopped out at 201.92. Only a -1/4R loss. Price bounced from a 200.87 support level. I probably waited too long to get back in. I waited for a full 15min confirmation candle and a break of the 200MA-1min and the 202.37 tech level. Then entered at 202.39. The price continued up and broke VWAP, then 5 minutes later lost VWAP and headed south again. Finished weak. Stop 200.72.

Long BBIO today. Entered trade at 34.91. Just a starter position. Will add shares if it breaks 35.60. Price was flat for most of the day.

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Swing trade journal 2/06/2020


Long ADSK at 203.53. First partial profit today at 204.94. Second partial profit today at 206.86. Stooped moved to 204.

Long BBIO at 34.91. I was planning to add shares if it breaks 35.60. It did break 35.60 today but the volume was so low I didn’t want to add shares. When it reached 35.80 I wanted to take a partial. There was a large ask at 36.00 so I decided to place a limit order a few cents below $36. But the price never reached my limit order and dropped sharply and stopped me out at B/E. Will still keep an eye on BBIO if it can stay above 35.60 or have an increase in volume.

OLLI trigger price (<53) occurred today. But I didn’t feel right shorting on a market this strong so I let it go without me.


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Watchlist for the week of 2/10/2020


BILI made an all time high on Thursday, then a pull back on Friday. MACD just went bullish. RSI=65. Long if can hold $25



BE is having difficulty breaking $10. If it does I will go long. There is a level at $11, so R/R is not too strong. But, MACD will go bullish with another green day. And a golden cross may occur with two green days. RSI=66. There is a large short float of 23.4%.



PGTI has a big gap to fill if it breaks $16.40. MACD will go bullish, RSI=63.



MCK sold off from a big upgrade on Friday. If it holds $157 it has a nice R/R to a target of $167. There is also another tech level (from the weekly chart) and Fibonacci level at $177. MACD just went bullish.



NGVT gapped down big during the Corona virus even though it got a big upgrade during that time. Looks like it might have hit bottom. Long if it holds 67.50. RSI=30.




Odd having a megacap on the watchlist. But V is being squeezed. Which direction will it go? I won’t guess, but $210 is the all time high and has long to drop if it goes bearish. MACD is bearish. RSI is middle of the road at 57.



Secondary List



Good earnings


Maybe bounce off of 141.50. Big gap after 148.75


Hovering below $200. All time high just above 201. But too wicky at the moment


If it holds the bottom after the downgrade. I like the hammer on Friday. Like the div


No response to a recent target price of $25. Watch for a bounce


May have bottomed, good long if Corona news gets better


Holding to 74.20 well but getting a descending triangle last week


46.20 holding well, but descending triangle could be short or long. Careful shorting with that huge div. Thinking long if it breaks the triangle


All time high


Edited by Rob C

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Swing trade journal 2/10/2020


Long ADSK at 203.53. First partial profit at 204.94. Second partial profit at 206.86. Stopped moved to 204. The price shot up to $210 on Friday, but since I had so few shares left I decided to hold longer. Of course it fell back to $205 today, but that’s OK, feeling very little FOMO.

Long BBIO again today at 35.30. First partial profit at 35.67. Then price dropped to my B/E and I was stopped out. That is twice the price fluctuations of this stock has stopped me out. I am not losing money on the stock, but don’t feel too good about getting back in.

Long V today at 204.00. The price moved higher but not enough to take a parital but enough I have moved my stop to B/E.

BE long and exited today at B/E. Volume completely dried up after I entered and I exited at B/E. Volume did arrive after I exited but did not hold above $10. Will have a look again tomorrow.

Long BILI today at 25.05. First partial profit today at 25.43. Stop moved to B/E.

Long MYGN today at 19.83. This one is from Brian’s watchlist. I was waiting for a bottom, and actually a bottom wasn’t really reached but it did level off the last 10 minutes. I took a very speculative position. My stop is a concern. The only good stop is at 19.08 (previous day’s low). But that is so far a way I couldn’t take many shares. So I am using 19.50 as my stop. But that has me quite concerned. This is my position I am most concerned about.


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Swing trade journal 2/11/2020


Long ADSK at 203.53. First partial profit at 204.94. Second partial profit at 206.86. Stopped moved to 204. Did very little today. Still holding.

Exited V at 204.43. Entered at 204.00. The price actually reached my first target today at the open, but I was busy intraday trading and didn’t notice until it dropped. V was so weak going into the close I exited before it reached my stop.

Exited BILI today. Entered at 25.05. First partial profit yesterday at 25.43. Took multiple partial profits today from 26.10 to 27.18. Where I finally ran out of shares. BILI made my week!

Exited MYGN today. Entered yesterday at 19.83. This one is from Brian’s watchlist. First partial profit today at 20.15, where I sold half my shares. Then set my stop just below B/E, where it was filled soon after.

Long PGTI today at 16.59. Per plan, to go long this week if it broke and held 16.40. First target 16.80. Final target 17.15. Stop at 16.40.


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Swing trade journal 2/12/2020


Long ADSK at 203.53. First partial profit at 204.94. Second partial profit at 206.86. Stopped moved to 204. Followed SPY today. Still holding.

Stopped out on PGTI today at 16.41. Entered at 16.59.

Long BE again today at 10.34. First partial profit today at 10.54. Price moved higher after my partial then sold off hard the last half hour. I was about to exit the trade but there was a lot of buying interest right before closing that kept me in the trade. Stop moved to B/E. I am a little concerned on this position since I only have a 1% buffer above my stop to hold over night. My next tech level is at 10.90.



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Swing trade journal 2/13/2020

An eventful morning. Which is never good for trading. 

I usually check after hours trading on my swing trades, but last night for some reason I did not. So it was quite a shock this morning to see my only real current swing trade down 20% this morning. BE apparently were not honest with their reporting. I sold in PM and took a huge loss throwing away all my swing trade winnings for the month. But what REALLY hurt is my finger was on the sell button, on BE, right at the close yesterday. The price was weak the last have hour and I was going to bail, but waited until the close. The last minute was strong so I stayed in the trade. Plus I was still 1.2% above my B/E as a buffer. And the last three trades that I exited because of weakness at the close all opened up big the next morning. So that was also weighing on me. So I was so close to selling it, and instead it became the biggest loser on the gappers list.

I will take a break from swing trading for a few days.

Have a nice weekend.

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Watchlist for the week of 2/17/2020

Small watchlist this week.


NGVT had a big upgrade on 1/24/20 which the price ignored. Instead took the ruling of the patent infringement case as the dominate news. NGVT is the plantiff and the ruling was weak and not helpful. They are petitioning the ruling. Q-report 2/4/20 was mixed (good but poor forecast). The price has held for 2 weeks and is creating an ascending triangle. Long if break $68. RSI=32. MACD just crossed to the bullish side.





MDLA has been riding in a range for months. Volume has been good the last 5 weeks. There was an outperform initiation on 1/24 with no positive reaction (with a target of $40). MACD just crossed bullish. RSI=54.




With a good entry it may be time for a starter position in BIDU. Thinking it may take another stab at trying to fill that gap from last June. Price being squeezed last week, will wait and see if it price breaks-up. RSI=55. Q-Report 2/27, so either do not stay in trade long or wait for report.



FB has an ascending wedge as well. MACD would cross with bullish with two positive days. Long if break >215 which is right on a Fibonacci line. RSI=54.







Secondary List



Ascending triangle for all time high. Is it extended?


Long if pull back to $65


Will likely bounce back to 201. but R/R not too good


Fill the gap. I like this one but will have to wait after earnings.


Don't like the bullish hammer on Friday


Stop 15.40. targ=17.30  R/R not good enough


A month at $16 with lots of vol. I like this one too but will have to wait after earnings.


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Swing trade journal 2/18/2020

I was more of a day trader than a swing trader today.

Long ADSK at 203.53. First partial profit at 204.94. Second partial profit at 206.86. Stopped moved to 206. Followed SPY today. Still holding.

Long and exited MDLA today. Entered at 30.67. First partial profit today at 30.96. Then stopped out at B/E.

Long and exited PLUG today. This one is from Brian’s watchlist. Entered at 4.58. Took partial profits today at 4.86 and 4.95. Then stopped out by a trailing stop at 4.81.

FB did trigger a trade by breaking $215 (per watchlist plan). But I was busy with intraday trading at the time and missed my entry.




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Swing trade journal 2/19/2020

Exited ADSK today. Entrance at 203.53. First partial profit at 204.94. Second partial profit at 206.86. Exited today at 211.09.

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