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10 hours ago, IamKarthi said:

$LPT trade seems to be fine to me. You had your Stoploss and you respected it. That's good trade management. What the stock does after that is irrelevant. 

my stop was a new 5 min high above vwap, I shouldn’t have stopped out early but got worried and I do this all the time. Just need to stick to a plan better but I’ll work on that in sim

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so im back in sim and im gonna take a month or two to practice my strategies. im focusing on ABCDs the rest of this week after Aiman proved you only need one strategy. 

once a stock move a significant amount in a clear direction, i wait until it makes lower lows on the 5 without a new low on the 15, and then once it makes a new high i enter with stop below the low.

if i take it near VWAP i want 3:1 and away from VWAP i want 2:1.

im also focusing on ORBs but im looking less at the 5 min and more for ABCD patterns based on the 1 chart just at the open.

im also going to start to log trades in another way so i can track my win percentage to hopefully see improvement or identify which setups i just shouldnt do.










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made some good prgress today, started noticing things on level 2 in the INET tab as an extra confirmation.

Trade 1: was watching this for an ORB, KHC had loads of big orders above the ask so after it rejected VWAP i took it long for a really nice 4 R trade.



Trade 2: ABCD based on the 1, waited for a new high and orders stacking above the ask but the move wasnt ready.



Trade 3: descending triangle but once it broke and came straight back above the PCL i got out at b/e.



Trade 4:nice pennant formed but didnt do the breakout i wanted. need to pay more attention to level 2 on these for confirmation.



Trade 5: 1 and 2 min bullflag, waited for 1 min high and had a really tight stop below the pullback, had loads of big orders above the ask so was pretty confident and got about 4 Rs on this average.


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decent day today except slippage on my first trade put me 3 Rs down but oh well.

Trade 1: tried a rising devil but stopped out and the price jumped a mile.



Trade 2: ABCD on aapl but the consolidation was so long and after it made a new high and came straight down i got out near b/e



Trade 3: kinda ABCD/pendant break out, i had my limit for 2 Rs set and it hit it but didnt get filled then stopped me out so that was a bit annoying but still a good trade.



Trade 4: tried to get in on a pullback short on PINS but stopped out, then loads of big asks came in so i took it long when it didnt make a lower low and got a really big move on it. great trade.


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really choppy day and stopped taking trades pretty early when the market wasnt doing what i wanted.

Trade 1: tried a rising devil on UAA but stopped out at 0.5 Rs when it didnt drop straight away



Trade 2: loads of abig asks on BABA and after a double hammer on the 1 with higher lows i went long, got 2 partials and out at b/e



Trade 3: looked like it found support at 180 so went long but didnt quite get to 2R so stopped out.



Trade 4: looked like an ascending triangle so tried to get in before it went up for the third touch but out at a new low.


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still just making mistakes and learning what not to do...

Trade 1: rising devil with big bids but stopped out.



Trade 2: me getting chopped up on BYND based on the L2 without regarding patterns.



Trade 3: ascending pattern on AMD and big asks, got a partial but bad news came out and stopped out at b/e



Trade 4: reverse ABCD with an entry at the support so dont think i should take these if its testing the support for the 3rd time...



Trade 5: got chopped up on AMD trying to get the next leg up but i shouldve waited for a rejection of some significant MA, first entry was for an ascending 1 min pattern, second was because it broke downwards and straigh back up and third was a new 5 min high.



Trade 6: pennant breakout with volume and big asks, this was the trade i was waiting for but tried too early.



Trade 7: finally got the AMD trade as well when i saw an ascending triangle forming respecting the 9 on the 5m and pressed against a daily level and got the pop i wanted, didnt reach my target though and stopped out at a 15m low but happy with the trade.


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6 hours ago, Daniel Meakin said:

ascending pattern on AMD and big asks, got a partial but bad news came out and stopped out at b/e

Great entry, I took almost the same entry. You managed the trade much better. I took a partial too early and got stopped out during the pullback at break even. 

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had a one and done on HAS and then had to leave early.

Trade 1: saw big buying pressure whenever the price dropped and the L2 looked really strong, got a couple partials then added when i saw the pattern ascending and L2 holding its big asks. got 4Rs but i stopped out early because i had to leave soon anyway. it did bounce of VWAP and go higher but dont know how far.


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amazing day today, after yesterday i decided to approach it a little differently. basically just looking at the level 2 to see which direction is stronger then using the charts to find a good entry. worked a treat.

Trade 1: looked weak on L2, popped up to VWAP then down so took it short tight stop, got a few partials at 2:1 then out at b/e. 0.5 Rs



Trade 2: this was a 1m ABCD as soon as it made a new high after a new low and L2 looking very strong. still some left in this position but right now at 3Rs.



Trade 3: BIDU looked very strong on L2. good opening 5 min candle, rejected VWAP once then when it rejected a second time i got in long with a tight stop. got one partial, almost out at b/e then it just took off and i partialled like crazy. 4Rs



Trade 4: couldnt believe my luck on this, i was done for the day but noticed the punch through VWAP, pullback to the MAs on the 5m, checked L2 and looked really strong so took it long with stop at VWAP and it exploded. happy days. 5Rs




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another amazing day 1 and done. really think ive found my mojo 😄

Trade 1: ROKU was the only thing on my watchlist which seemed to have a clear direction in the level 2 so when it went lower, held and started coming up i went long with a really tight stop below where it held, and it popped, got rid of two thirds of my shares in the first pop, didnt stop out then the rest above 122. great 8R trade.  


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