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after my horrible day yesterday i went and caught up on the wednesday workshops ive missed over the passed few weeks and they have been helpful. i havent been taking proper set ups so im now going to start recording how many winners i have for specific strategies and hope that will keep me only taking good setups and give me an idea of what im better at.


feel really happy about today, only took good setups 

6 winners 

4 losers

Trade 1: 5 min ORB, the red candles had much lower volume than the green so i went long just below VWAP with a tight stop and turned out to be a perfect entry and a nice trade.



Trade 2: DIS looked weak and looked like it was doing a false breakout so got in on a pullback to VWAP but stopped out, slightly missed my stop but not by much.



Trade 3: CVS was respecting the 50 in the 5 and saw it bounce off the second time so went long, got a nice scalp at VWAP then out at b/e.



Trade 4: ROKU broke VWAP with volume so went short on a slight pullback for a reverse ABCD below VWAP but stopped out.



Trade 5: WW was strong and looked like it was bouncing off the MAs so went long for a scalp then stopped out at b/e.



Trade 6: this looked like the start of a reversal making lower lows so went short on a pullback but stopped out when it made a new high.



Trade 7: it then couldnt make a new high so went short for the reversal with small size at first then added on the way down. i knew i was going into support so got out early and actually got the perfect exit.


Trade 8: DIS was strong and bounced off a lot of MAs so went long and took some good profit before i stopped out at b/e.



Trade 9: CVS was strong and dropped suddenly so i went long for a move back up but stopped out below the MA support.



Trade 10: i really liked this trade. CVS was strong all day and came down to VWAP, i expected a bounce and got a perfect entry just below VWAP. got one nice partial and brought my stop to b/e but i was really patient with it, saw a pendant form and waited for a breakout then just waited for my 2R then 3R for final exit.



Really good day for me taking good setups. Happy Dan

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feeling good today, finally getting into a good routine with gym and eating well and generally getting my shit together 😛 not to mention i got a new mattress which did wonders for my sleep.

really over traded today. realised i have a long bias toward ROKU because of a day i traded it a while ago and made loads of money, and it cost me today.

1 winner 

7 losers....

not great setups.

Trade 1: missed a good entry for a 5 min orb on ROKU, twice but didnt screenshot the second one.



Trade 3: this was actually a nice trade, guess its a 15 min ORB. in on a pull back, partialled at the right times for my rules and made exactly 2Rs which made back my previous 2R losses.



Trade 4: this is where i start to go pear shaped. i dont like ROKU ive decided. thought it was aboutto break up dont really know why. stopped out



Trade 5: thought id try for a long on a pull back on  a strong stock but didnt work out.



Trade 6: and again...



Trade 7: looked like a nice trend forming so got in after a long low wick on the 1 min, got 1 partial then stopped out late so gave it all back.



Trade 8: this is me just being stupid dont even wanna talk about it. thank god for sim


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Feel pretty good today despite yesterday. not much to report.

And had a reeeally good day, took perfect setups and was very patient.

i think wednesdays and fridays are my good days 😛

6 trades:

3 winners (ABCD, ABCD/VWAP bounce, wedge breakout)

2 losers (false breakout, trend trade)

1 at break even. (ORB)

Trade 1:5 min ORB on AMD, got in before andrew though so i wasnt blindly following. had a nice entry on a pullback and got 1 partial then stopped out at b/e.



Trade 2: FTCH very weak at the open, looked like a VWAP reversal then a false breakout was happening so went short below VWAP but stopped out. still happy with this trade as it was a proper setup.



Trade 3: UBER was consolidating then punched through VWAP with volume then started consolidating. kinda like an ABCD i guess. got a great entry and partialled all at the right Rs for my rules.



Trade 4: looked like the start of a trend trade so i tried to go short after a pullback but stopped out above the 20 on the 1 min. these usually dont go my way until later in the day, need to remember that.



Trade 5: kinda the same trade as i took on UBER before. it came down and bounced off VWAP so i went long when it looked like it was losing it then patiently waited for my partials.



Trade 6: this was my favorite trade. NKTR i was gonna get in and then it started running before i entered and it ran for $2 and i didnt chase it which i was happy and sad about. but later i saw this ascending triangle form, i got in near the bottom of the triangle to reduce risk and waited for it to pop, it did exactly what i thought and i was so confident i waited and got much more than my 2:1 Rs out of it so i was very happy.



Really good day overall. hopefully many more like this to come.

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bit of a heavy weekend, but tried my best to catch up on sleep with a lie in this morning so feeling ok but not 100%. Still looking forward to trading more and more. Had a nice feeling when i woke up on saturday and got a bit bummed out when i realised i couldn't trade that day just proving to myself that i am enjoying this journey.

bad day today, just nothing going my way, but didnt do too badly in terms of my rules.

1 winner (5 min ORB)

5 losers (5 min ORB, VWAP bounce, Wedge breakout x 2, ABCD)

Trade 1: pretty simple 5 min ORB on MU, stopped out below VWAP



Trade 2: once it came back above VWAP after bouncing of some support i went long again for a nice trade.



Trade 3: It sold off a lot then looked like a VWAP bounce but broke VWAP and i stopped out.



Trade 4: thought i saw a wedge form so went long, got 1 partial then stopped out. this stock was moving really weirdly and shook up my psychology quite a bit.



Trade 5: basically tried to take the same trade again, again with 1 partial, then i had a stop loss order sent but when it triggered it didnt actually go through because the stock was on SSR? so took quite a hit on this trade



Trade 6: looked like an ABCD pattern about to break up so went long, but went against me and stopped out below the support.




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hit the gym early this morning and had a tough workout so feeling kind of exhausted so hoping i dont do anything stupid but feeling good still and keen to get started.

Amazing day today, although i think most people had pretty good days today, market was on a tear.

5 trades: 4 winners (ORB, False breakout, wedge breakup, trend trade)

1 loser almost winner (pullback on a strong stock)

Trade 1: i traded within the first 5 minutes but i was just so confident so making that an exception to the rule. I put in an order so waited for the price to come down to reduce my risk, got an amazing entry and got a 5:1 on roku. almost doubled my target for the day but as im getting close to going live i carried on trading.



Trade 2: This looked like a perfect VWAP false breakout. waited until it came a fair bit below VWAP and went short with a large share size, took partials quickly and got out at b/e.



Trade3:  This was my only losing trade, but i shouldve kept original stop at below the wick of the previous candle, if i had this wouldve been a big winner. JD was strong, waited for a pullback and confirmation of a bounce and went long. unfortunately stopped out too early.



Trade 4: saw an ascending wedge, went long near the bottom of the wedge to reduce risk, and waited for a breakout. got a couple partials then stopped out at b/e.




Trade 5: MU i think i noticed a trend, waited for a wick, went short after it formed, added after the next pullback and turned out to have a really nice pop. once it lost steam i got out the rest, just in time because it shot up after i got out.



Brilliant day for me overall, more than tripled my daily target.

Edited by Daniel Meakin
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feeling rough today, think im getting a cold so didnt sleep well. had to take a quick nap during the premarket show...

and not a good trading day at all. kinda the opposite day to yesterday, nothing trading well, i think its more down to the market than me though so not really kicking myself. everything was just trading with SPY today.

5 trades 5 losers (ORB x 2, 10 min engulfing, wedge breakup, VWAP bounce)

edit had 1 winner straight after i wrote this (short off resistance, then flipped to a breakout)

Trade 1: tried a 5 min ORB with the best entry i could but went against me



Trade 2: again 5 min ORB on AMD, stopped out just before it moved down but respected my stop so cant complain.



Trade 3: the third 5 min engulfed the previous 2 candles so went short small sizr and added on a pullback, unfortunately couldnt get a partial then stopped out when the tides were turning.



Trade 4: saw a wedge with a daily level id already drawn, my only issue with this trade is i shouldve raised my stop as the wedge got smaller, but still was a good setup in my mind.



Trade 5: apple previously bounced off VWAP and looked like it was about to again, it mightve worked but it was just doing exactly what spy was so i got out at b/e.



Trade 6: saw JD was at that resistance again, went short expecting a leg lower, but once i saw it wasnt going anywhere i flipped my position expecting it to breakout and it did, to 1 partial then out above break even, but in hindsight i maybe should've stayed in because that really strong resistance was now support... 


not a good day, but i blame the day more than myself.

Edited by Daniel Meakin

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feel okay today very medium not much to report.

had an odd day, a pretty frustrating start but once a took a break came back to make 3 pretty decent trades so ended up just in the green and calling it a day.

11 trades: 8 winners (VWAP reversal, False breakout, VWAP bounce, trend trade x 2, booty reversal x 3) 

2 losers (chasing an ORB, trend trade)

1 what the fuck was i doing. (overtrading AMD)

but my winners were small/average winners and losers were full sized.

Trade 1: didnt find a good 5 min orb so chased cgc and stopped out. not a good start.



Trade 2: thought AMD was doing a VWAP reversal, didnt partial at VWAP which was stupid then i saw how it bounced so flipped my position for a profit and profited some on the way down.



Trade 4: CSCO already bounced off VWAP so after it bounced again i went long, got 1 partial then out at b/e.



Trade 5: to be honest cant really describe my thought process here. was just overtrading AMD gonna leave it at that. ill try not to do it again but we all know i will...



Trade 6: WMT was weak at the open, it made a big pullback but rejected the 9 on the 5 min so went short on the way down got some partials then out at b/e.



Trade 7: CGC bounced off the 200 on the 1 perfectly so went short at the 20 with a very tight stop and got all out when it reached the 200 again expecting another bounce, quick scalp.



Trade 8: WMT was looking like a trend, got in on a hammer, added after the next hammer that was a higher low but reversed on me.



Trade 9: MU turned very bullish, so i went long at a consolidation as the MAs were crossing and got 1 partial at VWAP then out when it wasnt making higher lows.



Trade 10: CGC looked like it was reversing and also broke out of a lower highs area so went long for a nice move up.



Trade 11: third reversal in a row, made 3 successive higher lows so went long after the third one for a nice move up and out before b/e



overall feel okay about the day, wish i didnt trade the open and get worked up tbh, but taking a break did a world of good.

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