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Genovation ControlPad CP24 USB HID

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On 10/6/2018 at 6:11 PM, Jason W said:

Yes I have this problem too. I used a different computer and it worked fine. But for some reason it does not work with my current computer anymore. 

Have you find a solution to this ????


Yes. Seems like last windows 10 update messed up genovation software, 

Use the built in USB FLASH DRIVE MODE to program your keypad. When you change the USB mode switch to the FLASH DRIVE mode, the CP24 will ID to Windows as a generic USB FLASH DRIVE, which is universal, and you can then just copy and paste the BIN file created for your macro table directly to the keypad disk drive.

Then, flip the switch back to the USB Keyboard mode and your table will take effect.

Remember to only copy and paste the macro table file with a “.BIN”: extension. The “.CKD” files are only used within the MacroMasterCPxx application and the “.BIN” files are what is actually downloaded to the CP24 keypad.


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Thank you so much Abiel !!! 

I bought a new 48 key Genovation.  I will program it tonight. I love the new script that  can auto calculate share size. 

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Yo finally got it set up. and I'm ready to retire the old 24 keys. 

If you gonna get a genovation control pad, get the one with 48 keys. 


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