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  1. Hello all, I am working hard to get my platform setup so I can use the simulator but am having trouble deciding what to keep on my main screen v not. The issue seems to be screen real estate and relevance. I have two monitors which provide some pretty good space to start, but the das platform seems crowded with all the windows Carlos mentioned in the tutorial. I would love some help/direction with what is best to have open and standard/not necessary on my screen to learn how to use the platform. I also realize there is a level of customization here that reflects personality, trading preferences/styles...etc and experience that will come with time. I would like to get my main screen set up in a basic yet sufficient way to begin utilizing the simulator effectively as I'm finding myself fumbling with getting the window setup day after day now and not moving forward into other elements such as setting up indicators on the charts, learning one strategy and beginning to set up and work with watchlists. Perhaps the screen layout just evolves with time? I have referenced "Setting up your trading platform tutorial in class 3" in the equities class, "creating a trading layout from scratch," from the DAS trader pro youtube channel with Michael J DiGioia. "DAS Trader pro setup tutorial with Humbled Trader" and "DAS trader pro configuration setup with Peter D - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8qnHjr9e8I. I am also looking into the das user manual and it says "the essential windows for trading are: Trade Montage, Account, Position and Orders." I have also been looking at various moderators screens to see what they have. What's clear from what I can see is that a lot of the windows mentioned in "setting up your trading platform" tutorial don't appear to be open on moderators screens, such as open/closed positions, orders, trade tickets, market 6. What I tend to see are charts, montage, time and sales, and a market window. Are the others just on other tabs out of view?, or other screens that aren't showing up in the live video's? This is how I have it now. I'm definitely a fan of simple yet relevant and effective but I don't want to be missing anything. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated!
  2. HI Andrew, Brian and Carlos, I have recently joined this great community and find it very useful. I been advised to write in a forum of i have any questions. I have opened an account with IB Brokers, my income is more than 40000 USD a year and meeting their criteria but still they are not approving margin account. Any suggestion or advise from the traders who applied and received approval for margin account? Thank you very much! Kind regards, Minesh
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