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  1. thanks for the replies, yes I had to add the replay package, works now. I thought paper trading == Replay mode as all I hear discussed is Replay mode, wasn't even aware DAS had paper trading. Glad to discover paper trading too, though it would be nice to have 100% isolation from ones real account. For now I set mine as global default but I can still see ways to make some mistakes on the real account. For example looks like there's a clickable order from my real account showing even with the training account selected in the montage.
  2. hello, When I try to switch to replay mode I get an "no permission for replay mode" error, looking for a solution. I have DAS AMTD Version connected to Ameritrade, with the Deluxe Package. I am fully connected to AMTD and everything seems to be working fine there. My understanding is DAS packages include the replay capability, e.g. from DAS AMTD package page "(All packages includes paper training account with live accounts)". My accounts window shows my AMTD account number and what I believe is a training account starting with TR* . Not sure if it's necessary but I select that first in the Montage, which is how I understand one switches accounts. Am I missing something here? thank you
  3. Hi Allistar, thanks very much for your suggestions and help. thanks I will, yeh I get it on the bug reports, I'm actually a programmer by trade and I work on financial software as well - though not gui based stuff and on the linux platform. I tried with borders off in case it was a quirk of only borders on but alas same issue. Yeh I expect a learning curve and don't mind some trial and error. Kinda feel like DAS isn't doing their QA regression testing for stuff like this to slip through, unless I'm just missing the boat on something here. If you mean did two charts weirdly show up on one tab by themselves, then yes. It seems like another issue, again unless there's some option I'm missing. I am testing with a default install zero configuration changes, so I have not checked show on all tabs or anything like that. thanks, I tried that alas no dice. I also tried the TD Ameritrade beta version, again zero configuration changes, and am seeing the same issues. Hopefully single tab works as it seems to be for everyone else, I'll just have to deal with it on the times when I'm on my laptop with no extra screen. Thanks you too!
  4. Cheers for the replies. I tried your suggestions but am seeing pretty much the same issues. I just signed up with Ameritrade and linked DAS, above I was using the Demo / Replay version. I did a clean install of the AMTD production version, changed no settings, started with a desktop clear and I'm seeing the same sort of thing. This is also on a clean install of WIN 10 with no extras, this laptop is dedicated to trading. Disappointed, this sort of thing is kind of a big barrier to using the software, if it kind of unpredictably is doing things with windows and charts when I'm trying to be fast and blast through things using hotkeys tabs etc etc. Here's another vid showing pretty much the same type of issue. I see what appears to be another issue where the chart from the 2nd tab gets pulled to the 1st tab, then the screen recorder decides to maximize on its own at the end. Hopefully there's just some settings I need to tweak and I'm missing them. Unless someone has some other ideas, now that I'm a paying user I guess I will contact DAS to see if I can get any support. 20211223_142201.mp4
  5. Hi, I'm experimenting with a tabbed desktop setup for when I have to use DAS on my laptop. It seems buggy however, unless I'm missing something. Here's one example which I also captured in the attached video. I have three tabs, everything connected to one montage on the first tab, all windows positioned where I want them. Now with no windows currently selected, when I click on a chart in the first tab it maximizes it for no apparent reason, I re-window it, then if I go to the third tab I see it's minimized my chart that previously was maximized. I re-maximize that chart, go back to the first tab, click on a chart and it again it maximizes it for no apparent reason and the cycle starts over again. I'm other seeing similar things to this that I can't find any reason for. I'm new to DAS so I'm wondering if I'm missing something here or if it's just buggy with tabs? thanks 20211222_194730.mp4
  6. ha! found it right click on chart choose crosshair. I chose this several times before for for some reason it did nothing, no idea why, anyway. If anyone knows a way to do question #2 lmk thx.
  7. Greetings all, Two DAS (latest Oct release, simulating only) questions hoping for help with: 1) I notice Andrew and others have moving X Y gridlines / crosshair that follow the cursor in charts and show additional data on the side and bottom where the gridline goes. If that doesn't make sense and you are familiar with Trading Views charts that's what I'm talking about, see trading views screenshot please. 2) Is there anyway to drag a chart around by holding down the mouse button or other button, again like one can by default in Trading View? I find this more natural than zoom in / out combined with scrollbar at the bottom - which seems to be pretty much how you view them in DAS. I went through the YT tutorial for Andrew's charts and thought that might give me #1 but it hasn't and I can't find the option if it exists, nor have my searches dug up anything on #1 or #2. thanks in advance
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