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  1. Newbie here First of all, thank you so so much for all the great tips here! Especially this one which I have been studying for today! Is it possible for me to add HOT BUTTON in my montage for the scripts? If yes, do I do asf: 1) I double click the stop price I want 2) I click the hot button for Long or Short
  2. how do I use the vertical dragging so I can move the chart area up & down. Without moving the candles themselves away from the other indicators?
  3. I am setting up my Das Trader Pro charts. I have "enable vertical dragging" checked. And while I was playing with the chart, I somehow moved the candles/emas down.. while the Donchian channels stayed in place. I have tried to remove the Donchian trendline and inserted it back but they're still not properly aligned. TIA
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