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  1. Good evening (night here - 11:00 pm), Hope your today´s meeting was productive. I think @Alastair has some good topics to discuss. Since i trade during my regular job, i will be limited using voice in Zoom, maybe texting, if it´s possible with Zoom, or in Discord (we could create a server for the group).
  2. Hi, I'm trading with TWS (IBKR PRO) and i'm thinking to switch to DAS PRO. Still a couple of doubts remain, related to market data and fee/order. Really appreciate if someone could help. 1 - Das Pro come with live market data and level 2 subscriptions? (all i need for day trading). If so, can i cancel all the subscriptions i have on IBKR? (so i don't pay twice) 2 - When i trade with DAS, will i continue to pay the fee per order from IBKR? Or DAS have other comissions?
  3. My Reverse U-Turn for today on $PLTR. Unfortunately didn't made a big down run...
  4. Here are my first experiments with this setups. - Pullback to stacked EMA´s: (went out to early) - U-Turn: (late entry; partial at around $240,50; stoped out at BE) (1st try: stoped out; 2nd try: stoped out; didn´t try the 3rd time because i´ve already hit my max daily loss, but it did work a little, at least for $0,30 ) I will continue to try and improve here.
  5. Hello CliffG, I've watched to that Earl's webinar, wich i like a lot, and i´ve started practicing those setups too. In your charts, what is the PCL? The purple dashed line? I think in the $C case, i think the EMA´s were not properly ordered for the long side. In the $NVDA case, althought it doesn´t make a big run, it would work ok if you partial at $198 and eventualy stoped out at BE.
  6. Hello BBT, My name is Pedro, I'm from Portugal. I'm new to trading. I practiced for 2 months in SIM (April and May) and start live since June with small size just to get used. I'm trading in part-time at this moment, but want to do this full-time when i can be consistently profitable. Still looking to get break even... Hope i can get all the help an knowlege here with this comunity. Hugs, Pedro.
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