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  1. Can someone please remind me where I can find access to relative rotation graphs for the ETF's? Is everything behind a pay wall?
  2. Does anybody with a subscription to trade ideas use the brokerage plus feature? I have been playing around with using it in the simulator.
  3. Well, there are other options as well. I’ll send you a direct message with a file
  4. Technical Analysis Explained, Fifth Edition: The Successful Investor's Guide to Spotting Investment Trends and Turning Points - Pring We can start the thread with a reference manual.... More to follow
  5. Learning how to learn is what your first degree is for. However, when you start adulting and get really busy, have not slept in 10 days and forget where you left the car keys then no digital flash card will save you. An external human brain is nice. You can build a life wiki with something like Notion.so There are other metacognitive strategies but that's enough for one post
  6. Yet another new trader intro. I'm a dyslexic, INTJ, with a few degrees who just stumbled upon day trading a few weeks ago. I was re balancing my investment portfolio and wondered what the difference between the order types were and hit a massive rabbit hole on youtube. Then I purchased " Stock market explained" on Audible and had a little "ah ha" moment. I'm still working my way through " How to day trade for a living" but have seen enough to go nuclear and commit to this profession at 41. Day Trading ticks off all the boxes for me: simple math, patterns, problem solving, strategy, more strategy, some complexity, continuous learning, and learning resources that are audio visual. I'll be looking for a Discord group (audio over text) to join but honestly it feels like I'm showing up to the playground and being embarrassed about asking if I can play. We'll get along if you enjoy a little sarcasm, don't mind answering questions, like coffee (espresso, coffee roasting, etc), skiing (up or downhill), bikes (road, single track, or Zwift), and can tolerate pointers on your shitty desk ergonomics. I generally come in 2nd by most metrics so if you're super anal about winning all the time then I'm a safe bet.
  7. I just downloaded the simulator. most of my assumptions about the simulator were incorrect. Much like Kiansh, I was hoping that the simulator would provide replay data that was pre loaded, historical contexts for a particular exchange like the NASDAQ and the ability to incorporate stock screeners to gauge stocks and play outside of market hours. Has anyone discovered a way to add bulk datasets? I wonder if it's possible to download a full year of a particular ticker or several tickers? Alas. I'll be changing my study and work schedule as a result. Happy trading
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