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  1. Either day works for me. I'd like to meet near the metro. Bethesda?
  2. I live in DC. I'm not too sure how far you are from the city but I would like to have a meetup-GabiD
  3. Hi I'm running Windows in Parallels on my Mac Book Pro. I have had no issues with downloading hotkeys or opening the Desktop Simulator setup. However, when I open the Laptop set up it opens on the taskbar but not on a desktop. I have done some troubleshooting from suggestions I found online. Moving it to a new desktop. Snapping it left. Checking my display set-up in settings. Nothing works Has anyone else dealt with this? It is as if the setup is open and caught in another dimension! Thank you, Gabrielle EDIT ROBERT H: Gabrielle, you might have better luck in the MAC OS post. There are other users who can assist. I’ve moved this post there.
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