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  1. Hello BBT'ers, My name is David ("RunnerJones" in BBT). I'm from the UK, I'm a filmmaker (well a videographer, but filmmaker sounds much cooler). I work from home when I'm editing, so that gives me the chance to trade the open of the markets, if I'm efficient with my time. I'm also a keen runner (hence the forum handle), and I'm usually training for one event or another, next up is Manchester marathon. I've dabbled on and off in trading/investing since buying some Bitcoin back in 2013. I actually bought a few coins for $500 a piece back then, and almost instantly they crashed to $50, so that was my first big lesson in the markets, and I've had a few more lessons since then. I've found myself pulled towards day trading, and after joining BBT last week, I'm now slowly working my way through the education on the site, and thoroughly enjoying the process. If anyone else is at a similar stage in their BBT journey, and want some company along the way then please do drop me a line as I'd love to hear from you. Happy trading everyone, David
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