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  1. Hzhang90

    Vancouver Meetup - July 6

    Excited to meet Andrew again!
  2. Hi Andrew, now I have 2 windows (1min chart and 5 mints cart) How can I add more windows to watch index or other stocks? Thank you!
  3. Hzhang90

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi I'm Hannan, live in Vancouver Canada. I've been swing trading for 2 years, recently read Andrew's book and have decided to try day trading. I feel day trader is a great idea, it's safer not to expose all my investment into the market all the time. Just purchased the 3 months simulator, with Andrew's layout and hot keys, training starts! Hope you meet you guys offline in the future. Cheers! P.S. anyone using WeChat please add me at : qq99652539

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